PC will not start

  Gazby 23:49 31 May 2004

Tried to start pc and loud grumbling noise came from speakers. Sounded like interference. PC will not start at all.
Has the hard drive had it?

  VoG II 23:51 31 May 2004

Windows version?

  alan227 23:53 31 May 2004

Do you get any post beeps when you switch on and can we have some details about your computer, also have you downloaded or changed anything recently.

  Gazby 23:58 31 May 2004

It is a medion pc, 2.8Ghz P4 processor running windows xp.

  Gazby 00:01 01 Jun 2004

I get no beeps when i switch it on and have not changed anything. All i can hear is the fan going. I had noticed a couple of days ago that it was getting quite hot when running.

  VoG II 00:02 01 Jun 2004

Boot from the Windows XP CD.

Let the Setup go through the first part of the Installation procedure.

When you come to the screen in which it says "Welcome to Setup." press Enter to Setup Windows XP.

Press F8 to agree to the End User License.

Let the Setup search your system for previous versions of Windows.

When the Setup is finished searching your system, select your Windows XP Installation and press the R key on your keyboard to start the Repair Procedure.

Setup will delete all major system files and then replace them with new copies.

You will have to download all of the updates from Microsoft Windows Update again because it replaces the files.

  Gazby 00:04 01 Jun 2004

Thank you. Will give it a try.

  Gazby 00:11 01 Jun 2004

Have tried but cannot get the cd tray open.PC will not switch on to let me.

  stalion 00:51 01 Jun 2004

is it the power supply?

  Gazby 01:08 01 Jun 2004

Is there any way i can check it?

  hugh-265156 01:26 01 Jun 2004

does anything appear on screen?

if xp,when you switch on keep tapping F8 and select last known good configuration and restart maybe.alternativly select safe mode and see if it starts.

if nothing on screen then try:

take the side panel off the case and turn on.

what happens?

do the fans start spinning on the cpu and graphics card and is the hard disk activity light active?

listen for any bios beeps etc.

try checking all the connections or failing that swapping the monitor/graphics card/power supplily from a friends system maybe.

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