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PC Will Not Shut Down or Sleep

  RegScriv 13:14 18 Aug 2015

My pc will not shut down or sleep. I've unticked the box under "Power Options/Turn On Fast Start-up", which everybody is advising to do. I've un-installed Kapersky & tried without it, just in case (and re-installed it fast). I've changed my mouse and unplugged my keyboard prior to shutdown - same problem. The PC goes through the motions of shutting down then immediately starts up again. Incidentally, I'm now in W8.1, having reverted from W10 thinking that was the problem. Clearly it wasn't. Can anyone advise.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:04 18 Aug 2015

In BIOS disable wake on LAN wake on ring

  RegScriv 12:46 19 Aug 2015

Thanks Fruit Bat, I'll hold that in reserve for now & will probably need it. Right now, I'm back on W10 and the setting in Power Options to remove the tick for Fast Start Up is working. From past experience, this situation might well not be permanent and if the problems re-occur I'll be straight into my BIOS to make your recommended changes. Thanks again

  RegScriv 09:56 21 Aug 2015

It's back. After 2 days behaving itself, my pc again will not shut down or sleep. I've disabled wake up on LAN and the fast boot option. I've been into the BIOS, there wasn't a wake on LAN or wake on ring, but I disabled Quick Boot and Resume Power on PS2. Nothing worked. The only way I can shut down my PC now is by holding down the power button.

  RegScriv 10:28 21 Aug 2015

I've just run the junk removal tool JRT.exe. It re-set preferences and removed extensions from Chrome and the PC is going into sleep mode normally now. Weird!

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