PC will not run window xp but loves linux

  rajeevk 19:44 23 Nov 2003


I've got a bit of a complex problem here. My pc crahsed and restarted going through check disk, it then crashed while windows xp home was loading. It would not let it load. I tried to get into safe mode, restore last good config, debug and very other option found by pressing f8 on startup but if gives me the blue screen error:
bad pool caller - windows has stoped loading to protect your computer....

So i loaded the windows xp cd to try and repair the current install, but the same error appeared, i then tried to do a new install but the same error appeared stopping me. Next i swapped the hard drive to try a new install, but it failed half way through with the same error.
I have tried removing all the cards from the machine, swapping the ram and the graphics card but nothing seems to work.

On a side note i can run the machine using knopixx 3.1 which boots of a cd – this is a version of linux. Tis runs fine and i am even using it now to write this, but windows would be nice.

I would be greatful for any help.

  DieSse 20:08 23 Nov 2003

I would give your hard drive a good test for a starter.

You can download the drive manufacturers diagnostics, ususlly to make a bootable floppy. Then boot up from this and run the tests.

A hard drive problem would give you problems trying to load WinXP, that an OS loaded from CD may not encounter.

  rajeevk 20:20 23 Nov 2003

thanks for the response. I have tried swapping the hard drive for a new one (well a borrowed one) but it did not work (would not let windows install). The drive comes up as fine when i test it.

  DieSse 20:35 23 Nov 2003

Other possibilities then -

Maybe you have a problem with the RAM - Try another module - or if you have two, try it with each one in turn.

Maybe your CD drive is not reading too well - try the installation with another one.

Maybe you have a problem with one of the plug-in cards - try it with them all out (except for grahics, of course).

Maybe there is a temperature problem - can you look at your CPU and system temps in the BIOS?

Maybe your motherboard is faulty.

Also try "zero-filling" your hard drive from the manufacturers diagnostics. This sets it back to "factory-fresh" condition, so obviates and problems hanging over from earlier.

  rajeevk 20:42 23 Nov 2003

The cpu is an athlonxp 2000 and its temp is 52 - a bit hot, the system is at 29.

Will try the other things tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions.

  woodchip 20:46 23 Nov 2003

Nothing wrong with temp

  rajeevk 21:35 24 Nov 2003


i have tried swapping the ram, a differrent hard drive, a differrent cd-rom drive, removing all the cards and swapping the graphics card but nothing seems to work.

It seems as if the only thing left to replace is the motherboard, does this seem like the next logical step or is there something i have missed?

  DieSse 22:06 24 Nov 2003

I cannot think of any other next step apart from swapping the motherboard!

  rajeevk 12:14 29 Nov 2003

Thanks, i changed the motherboard and it all works.

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