PC will not recognise PCI firewire card

  bemuzed 19:48 29 Jan 2006

I've got a PC with windows Me and a 3 port Belkin firewire card which was workng fine. I reinstalled windows Me and the Firewire does not seem to work, in that my video programmes do not find the camera. If I go to device manager it does not show a IEEE 1394 (Firewire?). I've tried unplugging then replugging the Firewire card but still the PC does not seem to recognise it. Any oidea?

  Gongoozler 19:51 29 Jan 2006

Hi bemuzed.Do you need drivers for the card?

  bemuzed 19:56 29 Jan 2006

I've gotr a CD with drivers on it, and I.ve tried going to Windows me Add hardware under Control panel to add IEEE1394 but still no response from the card. can i get it to recognise the card.

  Mytob 20:06 29 Jan 2006

Hay sound like a "Plug And Pray" situation here as i like to no it. For starters read the manual if you got one with it. Put the cd in and install the drivers from the cd via the included installer and see ehat happens. If that fales go to control panel add new hardware and see if it detects the card. If it does point it towards the drivers on the cd. If it dosent it may well hav installed some generic drivers hence it not working. Try to update the drivers to the device and see if that makes any differance.

  Gongoozler 20:08 29 Jan 2006

This is the manual for your card click here

  bemuzed 20:20 29 Jan 2006

Mytob - I read the manual Gongoozler pointed me towards. The windows installer put in some drivers from windows Me and nto teh disk. How do I update drivers as teh dvice does nto show under Device Manager?

  Mytob 21:26 29 Jan 2006

i dont have a me pc to hand and im not familier with how me was set out. another few trhing to try are get a eraser on the firewire contacts and give them a good clean and blow down the slot to remove any dust. If that fales try another pci slot on your mobo. my bro has had a lot of probs with belkin stuff befor when it came to installing a network card. in the end i went onto the site and downloaded the drivers and that solved the problem have a go with that.

  bemuzed 22:19 29 Jan 2006

I reseated the card in an other PCI slot and now the PC sees the cad. remaining problem is my programe cannot see attached camcorder.

  Totally-braindead 22:59 29 Jan 2006

Now you've reseated the card and the PC sees it have you installed the drivers off the disk you got with it?

  bemuzed 20:15 30 Jan 2006


  bemuzed 21:30 30 Jan 2006

Device Manageer says all is well but my video programmes still cannot see my camera attached to FIrewire. Any ideas on how I can kick Firewire into lfe?

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