PC will not boot! Just screams like a police car!

  AudioVic' 01:35 14 Mar 2003

My second posting today for a friend's pc.

This Pc upon switching on will not boot or even see the hard drive or floppy. It doesn't even get that far in bios or does not even read the bios. It just emits a siren type sound similar to a police care or ambulance.

I know that usually if there is a problem you get the warning beeps from the pc speaker. But this is not beeps. It is a DAaaa DAaaaa DAaa Daaaa sound.

Can anyone help with this?

  DieSse 01:41 14 Mar 2003

It's likely a fan, temperature, or voltage wrong warning. Most probably a fan - open up and check the processor fan first.

  AudioVic' 01:49 14 Mar 2003

I will give that a try!

I'll let you know through postings how I get on.

All the best to you!

  paddyboy1980 12:50 15 Mar 2003

It could also be a hard drive mechanical fault maybe the bearings have gone or the head is touching the disk if DoeSse's ideas dont work you could try the drive in another computer?

  AudioVic' 13:38 15 Mar 2003

To you both.

The problem was fried processor. Replaced and now all ok.

Perhaps I can sell it with some chips at the local Fish & Chip shop.

All the best to you both.

  powerless 13:41 15 Mar 2003

Tick Tick Tick IT!

  AudioVic' 15:55 15 Mar 2003

Thanks Powerless, I forgot!

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