PC will not boot up, gets stuck on the first screen

  cranberry4 14:16 03 Oct 2013

Hi my pc started playing up the other day, when booting up once it was on the desktop it would auto reboot, kept on doing this until it just wouldnt get off the very first screen on start up where you can enter BIOS etc F2, F8 but it will not let me access any of these, just gets stuck on the purple Packard Bell screen. The fans etc all work so really not sure what is going on.

Any advice would be very appreciated.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 03 Oct 2013

Make sure all external USb devices are unplugged

No disks in DVD drives and retry

What operating system?

Age of PC?

possibly failing PSU or hard drive.

  cranberry4 09:27 04 Oct 2013

Thanks, yeah heard it might need a clean so will do that tonight.

There was a disk in the drive put i took it out and then I dont know if it was a coincidence but thats maybe when it completely stopped working???? Its Windows 7 but an upgrade from Vista, probably about 2 years ago or so

PC is probably about 7-8 yr old

Replaced PSU about a year ago, might get hold of another one as I heard it could be that but then it does get power so not sure.......


  cranberry4 09:27 04 Oct 2013

and no it wasnt loosing time, thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:54 04 Oct 2013

A year old PSU should be OK

The big PC manufacturers such as Dell Gateway Packard Bell seem to scrimp on the PSU and so is a favourite for this sort of problem.

Give it a clean and check all cables to hard drives DVD drive motherboard are secure and see what happens then.

  cranberry4 11:49 04 Oct 2013

thanks guys will try all that tonight and I'l llet you know the outcome, hopefully a good one at that!

  cranberry4 10:02 08 Oct 2013

Hi Guys,

Bought myself a air duster and gave it a clean and removed all boards and connectors and then took them back, also removed the battery, switched it back on and still the same. Will try a another PSU unit tonight. I suppose its just about elimanating what could be the problem.


  cranberry4 16:23 09 Oct 2013

problem is i cant access the BIOS, it wont let me het passed the purple screen where its suppose to let me access, e.g press F2 etc, just wont let me

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:21 09 Oct 2013

Something's stopping the POST try removing ram sticks perhaps a faulty module

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