PC will not boot?

  walkeryorkshire 12:31 05 Jan 2003
  walkeryorkshire 12:31 05 Jan 2003

My PC will not start the boot up process. I fitted a new graphics card yesterday and it was working fine.

Any ideas?


  1st RHA 12:34 05 Jan 2003

any beeps? how far does it go do you hear anything?

  Paul2002 12:36 05 Jan 2003

Make sure your new graphics card is pushed all the way in!

  1st RHA 12:40 05 Jan 2003

disconnect, take out card and push back in reconnect lead try wiggling lead a little check card again and reboot.

  1st RHA 12:53 05 Jan 2003

but try to keep help on the forum, others read this for their problems, that aside try this link

click here

it may give you some clues, you may need your bios/motherboard details on screen or in a manual

  graham 13:14 05 Jan 2003

Is this Mick?

  BlueMeanie 13:20 05 Jan 2003

Try inserting your old graphics card - will the PC now boot up ?

You might have disturbed a connection. Have a good look around, try the memory chips, drive cables, ALL the PCI cards and the power lead from the PSU.

  walkeryorkshire 16:25 05 Jan 2003

Taking the card out and then back in did the trick.
Many thanks for the tips.

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