PC Will Not Boot Up

  SebBux 13:48 22 Jan 2010


I started the PC and i was faced with lines and block colours, coloured lines, letters and numbers all over the screen.

After turning the PC on and off a few time i get the fix windows message come up so i click it to repair and nothing happens it goes back to lines ect.

And now i'm getting nothing at all. PC will boot but all i get is a blank screen

Any ideas or anything i can try?


  Technotiger 13:49 22 Jan 2010

You could try starting in Safe Mode, then see if you can do a System Restore back before this started.

  SebBux 13:50 22 Jan 2010

Sorry i meant windows won't boot up.

  SebBux 13:51 22 Jan 2010

I cannot do anything

  Technotiger 13:51 22 Jan 2010

Have you tried starting in Safe Mode?

  SebBux 14:02 22 Jan 2010


I have just turned PC on andi'm getting green lines all over the screen and a high pitched noise that continues.

  SebBux 14:03 22 Jan 2010

I cannot put it into Safe Mode

  Technotiger 14:12 22 Jan 2010

Or do you mean that you don't know how to put it into safe mode?

Also what type and make of computer is it?

  SebBux 14:19 22 Jan 2010

I have turned PC on again. i have got the Acer screen logo come up. It just says like that. So i have repeated the on/off again and i'm now getting. No Signal Detected.

  SebBux 14:20 22 Jan 2010

How can i put it into safe mode if i cannot get anything to appear on screen?

  Technotiger 14:21 22 Jan 2010

To start in Safe Mode - turn off PC, then re-start and *During the Boot-up* keep tapping F8, this should start the PC in Safe Mode. Once in safe mode you could try a System Restore in the normal way.

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