PC will not boot up

  Papa goose 10:52 07 Apr 2009

Hi all.

My desktop (xp) was displaying a message that it was short of HD space when I put itunes on and copied all the windows media player files over. I had a bunch of old DVD programs like Nero, power DVD, that I haven't used for 2-3 years so I deleted them (no warning messages were displayed). I went to do a defrag' to tidy things up, and it said a some component was missing and I should go to system set-upo. I tried a system restore but that just went to a blank screen where the search fields should be. I went in system recovery, and it started the copy and was 54% into the restore when i went to bed. At some point we had a power cut and now the PC will not boot up. It goes to a black screen with PCI device listing at the top, and NTLDR is compressed at the bottom, and Press Ctrl=Alt+Del to restart, and if I do this it just takes me back to the same place... how can I recover this???
Thanks in advance.

  Papa goose 06:53 08 Apr 2009

I was getting the low disk space message which is where this started, and I did use add/remove to take off programs the DVD making software added to the machine that were never actually used. When trying to defrag' it said a file was missing and told me to go to system set up, and when I went to search for the file the search funstion did not work. Which is why I did the system restore when prompted. The power cut seems to have occured before this was complete, which was all mentioned above, as is the fact that I don't have the original XP disc.

Anything useful to help resolve this situation would be appreciated.

  woodchip 14:13 08 Apr 2009

You need to buy borrow beg a XP CD, and do a repair. But you may need to shift some stuff off the drive before it will work. You can do this by just deleting items you know you do not use using a Win98se boot Floppy and using Edit after booting with the floppy. at Command Prompt

  lotvic 22:09 08 Apr 2009

You just need to make yourself a boot CD click here so that you can then use the XP home CD that you have (the one that's not bootable)

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