PC will not boot up

  gecko1001 19:01 09 Aug 2005

A few weeks ago, the PC started refusing to boot up when turned on, this was intermintent and seemed only to occur if the PC was powered down, rather then shut down or reset.

I have also kept getting intermitent blue screens, now things have just gotten worst and the PC started getting several blue screens about 2 days ago, now I cannot boot at all, just get a message from my monitor stating the PC is not connected to the monitor, also the actual PC just hangs on switch on so even if there was a display there would be nothing.

I have tried a different video card, different memory all to no avail.

Such things as fans etc are all running, I am thinking that maybe I have a faulty AGP socket, in which case a new motherboard will solve my problems.

The PC has not been moved by the way and so all connections are seated ok, I have checked to make sure and that is so.

I am presuming a cmos battery failure would not be the cuase, but since I have never experienced such a problem in the past, I am not 100% sure.

Any suggestions in case I have missed something, before I replace the motherboard.

  ICF 19:04 09 Aug 2005

Have you tried another power supply?

  gecko1001 19:09 09 Aug 2005

No, as power supply is powering PC Motherboard components, such as fans etc as well as LED's on fans, so am very doubtful it could be that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:11 09 Aug 2005

cmos battery failure would not give this fault screen would be on with some message like checksum failure or simular.

One test maybe to reset the BIOS to default by removing batery for a couple of minutes or use of a CMOS jumper if your board has one?

LEDS lit on PC for harddrive? any HDD activity?

Tried another monitor cable?

  gecko1001 20:51 09 Aug 2005

no HDD activity as PC hangs before it gets to disk access.

  gecko1001 20:52 09 Aug 2005

Oh and monitor cable fine as I connected my laptop to the PC monitor with same cable and monitor and cable are thus OK

  gecko1001 20:58 09 Aug 2005

Resetting CMOS no difference, still system hangs.

  howard60 21:15 09 Aug 2005

sounds like a memory fault. If you have more than 1 strip of memory remove all but 1 and try this in all slots and see if there is any difference. Then try the other bits

  gecko1001 11:29 10 Aug 2005

Tried memory swapping, no difference.

  ACOLYTE 11:37 10 Aug 2005

Have you checked the graffix card?

  gecko1001 14:09 10 Aug 2005

Yep, tried another graphics card in board and no joy.

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