Huseyin Huseyinov 12:32 25 Feb 2018

[email protected] When i turn off my pc,and on the next day i started the pc.but monitor even doesnt show a movement(monitor stays black and turned on).i just purchased ew motherboard ECS A780GM-A (32gb ram max support ddr2).i purchased new 4x4gb drr2(16gb ddr2 800Mhz).My firstly purchased pc was with specs:motherboard C.NC65-M2 SERIES 1.4A (Colorful China) ,1ddr3(max 4gb ram support).harddisk MAXTOR 230gb.процесор AMD Athlon 64 X2 DUAL CORE PROCESSOR +4000 2.1Gh ,LG DISC BURNER,i dont know the power box model(example 500Watts).cpu fan black,monitor ASUS MM17D(model asus:MM17DB-E).installed the new motherboard A780GM-A and 16gb ram too,dual-core cpu and not sure if connected them to the right place.when i turn my pc and fro motherboard or something else just starts to produce annoying sounds that coming from inside case,with each move of my mouse with my hand and i hear strange sounds that describes that i have moved or used my mouse,when i dont move mouse and the strange sound stops,but other annoying sound is always on that coming from case again.it is not the sound from the fan.And when i turn off my pc or put in sleep mode it turns off(my desktop turns off,i turn desktop off nightly before sleep to stop this evil sounds).in morning when i start the pc and the desktop starts to produce the normal working sounc with fan,but monitor is still black(seems monitor do not received signal from desktop).i received alerts early that cpu is not suitable to my desktop.my father told me that in service they told him that my hard disk's life is almost in the end.what to do?i think my new motherboard has incompatible installed components.problems code:TSXGGE659982,678729GFSOA0938727,61189462SYNKJSSUU7632

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