Pc upgrading help please

  Squirrel_man 00:04 17 Dec 2005

Right now i have...

AMD Athlon xp 2200+ 1.79 Ghz

352 of RAM

S3 ProSavage8™ integrated (1 AGP slot available for upgrade)

and i have 2 extra PCI slots

what hardware could i buy to boost my computers speed for games

I have 200 dollars to spend at this point in time

  DieSse 01:27 17 Dec 2005

An AGP graphics card will boost you speed in two ways

It will be much faster than the on-board Savage3

It will free up RAM that is being used by the on-board graphics.

With $200 you could probably get a decent graphics card AND some more RAM too.

  jack 09:11 17 Dec 2005

Better Graphics card [AGP] and more RAM check your MoBo and give it the maximum it will take [1gb if it will go to it]
You then will have reached the ceiling with that spec and the next move is a more highly specified computer.

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