PC Upgrades?

  Dirtbiker 11:35 28 Jul 2003

I have a Novatech 700mhz PC and its *[email protected]:ing me off with the slowness. I have upgraded the RAM so it now has 128 + 256, whatever that is, but im looking to increase the speed a little more with the minimum of costs... Would it be possible to get a new motherboard and processor and wire in my existing hard drive, CD writer etc or would it be better just to give up and get a new pc? Also, are there any ways that i can free up my resources cos my CPU usage rarely drops below 40% and hits 100% whenever i open applications? My PC runs 30 processes on standby but a lot of that is virus-scan and firewall. Any help would be much appreciated...

  Dirtbiker 11:40 28 Jul 2003

If this helps im running XP with the Litestep shell in place of explorer to try and maximise free resources...

  Bilbo 11:49 28 Jul 2003

Hi dirtbiker,

you can certainly buy a motherboard bundle (from novatech among others) and connect that. You may have to consider upgrading the power supply depending on how far you upgrade.

I'd certainly do it - just depends on whether you can be bothered with the work.

  pj123 11:52 28 Jul 2003

Check out click here and click on Bundles and Special Offers.

  Dirtbiker 11:52 28 Jul 2003

Thanks Bilbo. Novatech is convinient for me but which motherboard bundle would you suggest. I use my PC mostly for music and videos but i do a fair bit of CAD too...

  Dirtbiker 11:55 28 Jul 2003

If i was to buy a motherboard bundle is it simply a matter of screwing it into my existing case and connecting all the other components or is there more to it? Also will i retain the data on my hard-drive etc..?

  Bilbo 12:02 28 Jul 2003

If you are doing video editing and complex CAD I would think you need loadsa memory, the more the better.

Hard drive data should be unaffected, but although this is a straighforward replacement operation, care with components should be taken.
Sorry don't want to patronize but I don't know your past experience with upgrading PCs.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong.

  Dirtbiker 12:53 28 Jul 2003

Looking at the novatech bundles i think that my budget probably limits me to the £105 or £145 options. Are the advantages of the more expensive bundle worth the extra £40?

With regard to the fitting you were right to give me that advice. The most complex thing that i have done is to fit new ram and a CD-Writer... Are there any specific steps that i should take extra care with and will the bundle come with fitting instructions?

Your help is very much appreciated Bilbo. Thanks

  dth 13:11 28 Jul 2003

I think that you'd be best off buying a new system (base unit) - "I use my PC mostly for music and videos but i do a fair bit of CAD too..."

  Bilbo 13:20 28 Jul 2003

Yes, if you are not confident with the motherboard upgrade it may be as well to buy a new box complete.

  BillEmm 13:32 28 Jul 2003

I suggest you have a word with Novatech. Nice friendly people, always glad to give advice and what might be the best solution for your machine.

They also have an upgrade service which you might like to consider.


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