pc upgrade with xp OEM

  alansabout 13:36 02 Jun 2004

Hi all I am thinking of doing a major upgrade new motherboard, processor, memory, will I still be able to run my OEM version of winXP or will I have problems reactivating it.

  hugh-265156 13:43 02 Jun 2004

you can upgrade everything else no problem but when it comes to a new mobo its then classed as a new computer so my guess is no.

read your eula for more info

control panel/help/about windows/ click the read eula link

  Rogerfredo 13:43 02 Jun 2004

No problem. I did the same thing last week.
You will have to reactivate though, which may or may not work over the internet.
I had to phone microsoft and speak to their rep.

  ventanas 14:59 02 Jun 2004

It doesn't matter whether you can physically do it or not, as huggyg71 says, replacing the motherboard severs the XP licence. I have just had this confirmed by FAST. But if Microsoft are still willing to activate then who cares. Your only likely problem is that they may just choose you to refuse.

  alan227 15:04 02 Jun 2004

I have an OEM version and have re-activated it 4 times, the last time I had to do it over the phone, but no problems doing it that way.

  alansabout 16:20 02 Jun 2004

Thanks for all your help on this, it does seem to be a bit of a grey area, I think That I will just have to take pot luck on this and see if microsoft are awake at the time.

  Djohn 17:05 02 Jun 2004

Strictly speaking the OEM licence dies with the old PC and you need a new product code/licence for what is virtually a new PC But I spoke to Microsoft and they said "Go ahead, as long as the old PC is no longer in use and beyond use."

I installed a retail XP Pro upgrade using an OEM 98se as the qualifying disk and all worked fine.

Last year, over a period of a couple of months I then upgrade most of the hardware and did several reinstalls of XP.

Each time it installed and activated without asking for the 98se disk to be inserted. I then installed two new hard drives and the only difference this time was that when XP was installing it once again asked for the qualifying disk [98se] to be inserted. It then installed and activated.

One weekend during the above period of installs I removed XP, reinstalled and activated via the net 6 times over a 48 hour period with no problems.

I was experimenting with different set-ups and each time I thought I had it the way I wanted so went ahead and activated. I knew there was no need to activate on each trial but as I say, I thought each time it was as I wanted. :o(

  woodchip 17:11 02 Jun 2004

You should be able to reactivate it but if the OEM is a restore disc it will not run on new mobo

  alansabout 10:44 03 Jun 2004

Thank you all, I think it may just work. Woodchip it is restore disk from Mesh but when you look at it it is a full version of XP I have done a reinstall a few times with it.

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