PC upgrade, Windows XP doesn't boot

  Mack69 10:48 12 May 2004

Just upgraded my PC with new m/board, CPU and memory (Abit AN7, XP2500MP, 512k PC32000). I can access the BIOS fine, but it will not boot into Windows from my existing hard drive. With the Abit board you have to set the FSB (133) and multiplyer (x13.5) manually. Am I missing something obvious?

Also there is an auxiliary 12V connector on the m/board (square, 4 pin) next to the main power connector. My PSU hasn't got the corresponding connector and the manual doesn't explain it. Is it optional or necessary to connect to this?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated as I am finding this a steep learning curve.

  €dstowe 11:16 12 May 2004

The Windows you have on the hard drive is expecting to see the old system. As it is not there, XP will not boot. You will have to do a new download of the O/S to enable it to recognise the new setup.

Don't worry about spare connectors - they are for other uses which you don't have.


  Mack69 11:23 12 May 2004

Thanks for that €d.

Am I right in thinking that if I reinstall Windows XP onto my hard drive it will not erase 'My Programs' or 'Documents and settings' folders from the original installation'?

  Mack69 12:51 12 May 2004


  €dstowe 13:08 12 May 2004

I believe you will have to do a fresh install of Windows and that does mean that all data will be lost from the drive (I stand to be corrected on this).

I'm assuming you didn't make any copies/backups of the files you wish to keep. If you did, you should be OK. If you didn't I think the best thing to do would be to install Windows on a new disk, set the old disk up as a slave and you can retrieve the data from there.

I don't know the detail of how to do this but someone will be along who does.

Don't panic - you haven't lost anything, it's just hiding from you.


  Mack69 13:17 12 May 2004


No panic, I back up everything essential to another PC on my LAN. It's just a pain and time consuming, if a fresh install is required, to reload 35 Gb of programmes and data.

Thanks again.

  PSF 16:50 12 May 2004

If you have not installed yet try the repair option to reinstall XP first.
Before you fitted the new motherboard you should have un-installed the motherboard drivers and selected the basic ide drivers. Then once XP is installed you can load the correct motherboard drivers.

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