PC Upgrade - Will it all work together?

  MikeParkin 16:11 31 Aug 2012


I used to be quite into building my own PC, but it's been 7 years since I built my last one...marriage and kids have got in the way :-)

I'm looking at purchasing the following for ~£500:

  • Intel 3570K CPU (not a huge overclocker, but can't find the non K version)
  • Asus P8Z77-V Motherboard (like the built in wifi)
  • 8Gb (2x4Gb) Corsair Blue LP 1600Mhz
  • OCZ 120Gb SSD (Saw it's best to have SSD for the O/S), i've already got a Sata HDD for photos and general crap.
  • Corsair CX430W PSU
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Firstly...I presume they all work together, but wanted to check, and secondly will a USB DVD drive to install the O/S work, or will I also have to buy a SATA drive? As the new Mo-bo doesn't have IDE, I kinda figured I will get one, just wondered if I can get round it, until I do.

I've been somewhere where it reckons my PSU wattage is recommended to be 273 Watts (give or take), so I presume a 430W should cover it all.

I've got a choice of 3 cases at home, so housing it shouldn't be a problem.

Have I missed anything (besdies a graphics card, which I figure I can use the on-board)?

Any suggestions / comments (preferably helpful)?

  SparkyJack 16:51 31 Aug 2012

Trying to match processor to mobo then thevother bits can lead to costly Tailchasing excesises swapping this for that and the other thing. Far betterv in my view is to look at mother board bundles wich come complete with procssor memory all ready to drop into your case. The current conectivity is SATA so many boards are that only Some may be still found 'dual' but are in creasingly rare

Take a look at Novatech site for mobo bundles J

  KRONOS the First 17:00 31 Aug 2012

The spec is fine though I would buy a Sata optical drive,which can be had for £12-£14 it will save a lot of hassle in the long run.As you are not bothering with a GPU you will not be a gamer so your PSU is ample.

If you are going to be using WIN 7 64BIT then you might as well double up on the RAM to take advantage. Otherwise stick to 32BIT.

  MikeParkin 17:19 31 Aug 2012

If I get chance to become a gamer (basically I've finally decided to upgrade because I've got Skyrim, and although it runs on my current PC...the fps is about 1, so I can't play it)., then what GPU should I get, and what PSU would I then need to cover it?

  KRONOS the First 17:41 31 Aug 2012

How much have you got to spend? But I suggest you should be looking at a HD6850/6870 or GTX560 which will be fine. As for PSU a minimum of 500W but I would recommend 650W. But please do not go for a cheapo PSU as these are a false economy and can be underpowered and even blow and take other components with it.

  MikeParkin 17:12 11 Sep 2012

Spending as little as possible really...though it seems to be forever creeping up.

Is there any particular benefit (besides clutter) of getting a modular PSU over a normal one?

Yeah, looking likely I'll get a SATA DVD drive or 2 too...and also presumably a new case that can cope with Front USB 3.0 ports. I think the 6850 GPU appeals more than the others due to cost.

I'm not likely to get another PC for another 6years or so, when my kids will most likely be taking over it anyway, so I'm aiming at spec'ing it quite high to be able to cope for the duration.

I'm also wondering if it's worth waiting for the release of Windows 8. I'm imaging there will be some fluctuation with 'I'm Windows 8 compatible' and 'I was built before, but might be with other drivers'.

  KRONOS the First 18:58 11 Sep 2012

A modular PSU is as you correctly state less clutter but also less cables interrupting airflow, but if you are on a tight budget then non modular is fine though you should be looking for 600W+.

Sata 3 on a case is not overly important unless all your peripherals are likely to be Sata 3.

I would stick with Windows 7 as 8 is really aimed at touch screen or tablets but that is your choice.

The 6850 is a good GPU and should serve you pretty well and also easy to upgrade should you want to in the future.

  frybluff 22:06 11 Sep 2012

Couple of small points. You didn't say WHICH OCZ SSD. The vertex 4 isn't bad, but some of their other models aren't the best. Samsung 830's and Crucial M4's are good. Don't forget, if you actually want to overclock CPU, you will need aftermarket cooler. The stock cooler, that comes with CPU is not adequate, if you overclock.

  MikeParkin 09:03 12 Sep 2012

The SSD I was looking at is the OCZ 120Gb Agility 3. It says 6Gb/s, so thought it was preferable to others given the price too.

The Front USB 3 was really for future proofing. I may get an external USB drive that is USB 3, but I've already got a USB 2.0 one, but the only perhipherals I have are certainly no higher than 2.0. And either way I can always get an extension from the rear ports.

Still undecided on the O/C'ing.. I certainly won't be maxing it.

Thanks for all the advice!

  KRONOS the First 09:38 12 Sep 2012

There is very little difference between the SSD's not that you would notice I have an OCZ and a M4 and a Kingston the difference in performance is negligible.But I am with frybuff the M4 and 830's are a better quality. But if you are on a budget get what you can afford but do shop around,prices for a while have been tumbling. I can still remember what I paid for a 60GB SSD not so long ago,almost the same price as a today's 240GB.

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