PC Upgrade packages

  peabody 20:48 28 Apr 2004

Q1: I'm thinking of upgrading mobo, cpu (and cooling fan if necessary) and memory. Can anybody recommend an online retailer that sells this lot as a package?

Q2: Current case would not cater for USB ports at front. Will I be needing a new case as well?

  dez fowler 20:55 28 Apr 2004

click here or click here

If you're getting a high spec processor you really need a case with the power supply across the top and with extra case fans. Front USB is down to personal preference.

  Dumble452 23:13 28 Apr 2004

or here click here

  Strawballs 23:24 28 Apr 2004
  HXP 23:30 28 Apr 2004


you have got some good leads from the previous postings the only thing i would add is to get all the components from the same source if possible so at least if you have any queries/problems you won't get shunted between different suppliers.

let us know how you get on as my son is pestering me for an upgrade.


  pj123 23:38 28 Apr 2004

Check out Special Offers on this site click here

  TomJerry 23:39 28 Apr 2004

Tested so they are working together. As suggested by "Dumble452" novatech do good deal click here. watford also go good deal as well you can search for motherboard kit, e.g. click here

As for front usb port, if you have to have them, you do can still use your old case if you have a 5.25" bay or 3.5" bay on front free (you need to take off cover plate of course). You just need to get internal usb hub to fit it, for example 4 ports 3.5" one cost £6.1 click here, 4 ports usb and two port firewire costs £11 click here (if motherboard support firewire).

If you pay more, you can get one bay with usb, firewire, earphone, mic, line in etc. A few big sound card makers do them, cannot remember which ones.

  TomJerry 23:46 28 Apr 2004

Gainward Hollywood @ Home MediaXtender Extenal 5.1 Sound including USB 2 Hub 6in -1 Memory Card Reader £62.62 click here, spec: click here

  TomJerry 23:48 28 Apr 2004

What useful components you have? There are maybe other better upgrade options, for example barbone system etc.

  peabody 12:06 29 Apr 2004

You have all been very helpful and I have plenty to look through. On the face of it Novatech look a likely candidate. Much appreciated.

TomJerry: I could go for barebone system - I have perfectly good video and sound cards, 2 HDDs with ample capacity, DVD and CD-RW. All these components suit my needs fine. I could just do with a bit more 'ooomph'!

Thanks also for the advice re front/rear USB, hubs etc - I have learned something today!

I'll report back in due course.

  byfordr 14:18 29 Apr 2004

click here and novatech, ebuyer etc...

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