pc upgrade or new pc ?

  tictax 20:06 08 May 2011

Hi i have a pc that is about 3 1/2 yrs old spec PROCESSOR intel core2 duo E6850 (2x3.00ghz) 1333mhz FSB/4MB L2 cache MOTHERBOARD ASUS PSK SE:DDR2,SATAII,PCI-e x 16, 2PCI,3xPCI-e1 MEMORY(RAM) 2048MB CORSAIR DDR2 667MHZ GRAPHICS 512MB GEFORCE 8600GTS PCI EXPRESS HARD DRIVE 160GB ATA II HARD DRIVE 8MB CACHE (7200RPM) IT HAS A 500W POWER SUPPLY AND RUNS WINDOWS VISTA its a family computor and is used alot especially for gaming i am uncertain as to it is worth upgrading or getting a new tower. i was thinking of upgrading to 4MB RAM , 500GB HARD DRIVE and a better grafics card though i'm struggling to find a card that may be compatable not upto date with he new cards and what systems they'll work with the hard drive and ram are quite cheap i can get them for arround £80 its just the card another alternative is to buy the same card again and have two cards running. or would it be better to bite the bullet and buy a new Pc If anyone can help i would be very gratefull thanks

  letsgetrdy 00:09 09 May 2011

I would suggest getting another 2gb of ram for your current PC and a new graphics card. A new HDD too if its needed. Your CPU and Mobo are ok in most gaming situations. Even just keeping your current system and getting a second hand GTX260 or 280 would give you the desired boost. Both would work in your current system as they use PCI-E slots. 500w will cover both.

  961 09:12 09 May 2011

I think it's worth upgrading along the lines you suggest

Have you the disk for the operating system?

  tictax 23:30 09 May 2011

Hi thanks for your replys yes i still have my original operating disc so its just a matter of swoping hard drives and installing vista etc though maybe i can piggy back the 500gb hard drive with my original 160gb hard drive thanks for your help

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