PC Upgrade - Memory and CPU only, advice please

  Phil930 19:21 27 Apr 2004

I have an Asus A7n8X mobo which supports up to th AMD XP 3200 at with the 400FSB also supporting PC3200 memory.

I currently have an XP 2400 (266FSB) and 1Gb of Crucial PC2100 Memory with CL of 2.5-3-3-6.My questions are the following:

1) I am able to upgrade to Corsair XMS CMX512*2 3200LLPT Memory for £94. This low latency memory runs at 2-3-2-6 T1 and my motherboard supports dual channel DDR 400 therefore bottlenecks are eliminated and peak bandwidth can reach 6.4Gb/S. Will this memory improve the overall speed of my computer? Alternatively i can get Corsair XMS memory with a slower latency for about £80, but i figure i might as well pay the extra £14 and get the ultra fast memory.

2) I will upgrade my processor to the AMD XP 3200 (FSB 400). This is only a 200MHz clock speed increase over what i already have, however the Bus speed is significantly higher. Will i notice a great difference from this processor?

I know the optimal thing to do would be to buy a 64bit processor and all the new generation. however i plan to wait about 1 to 2 years until i buy this as i want to wait for the following:

1) PCI Express motherboards supporting 64bit processors

2) 64 bit software to be more mainstream

3) Price drops

So this will be a temporary upgrade for a total cost of about £200. Is it worth it for the speed increase i will notice? I am able to get such competitive prices as i live in America where supply and demand is ultimate.

  Phil930 00:05 28 Apr 2004

anyone *bump*

  bremner 00:09 28 Apr 2004

What you have not said is what you use the machine for.

The upgrade you mention will have little or no impact if all you do is 'word processing and surf the net'. However if you do video editing then the improvement will make a noticeable difference.

  Phil930 00:31 28 Apr 2004

I mainly use the computer for the following;

1) Playing games (latest releases)
2) Surfing the net
3) Microsoft Office (word processing, presentations, access databases)
4) Server for LAN Games

  temp003 04:18 28 Apr 2004

For what they're worth click here and click here

The XP 2400+ is not included in either review as a comparison, but you can get an idea as far as the theoretical benchmarks are concerned.

I have no idea how this translates into practice, whether the difference will be noticeable and worth the money.

Note that the graphics cards used in the reviews are Radeon 9700 Pro and 9800 Pro. A lower-spec graphics card will not show the same increase in performance in games. Don't ask me why, as I know nothing about games.

The reviews also seem to use different brands of memory for different setups, so you just don't know whether one memory is faster than the other.

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