PC Upgrade help, upgrade or buy another desktop?

  Robert Francis 22:54 14 Feb 2018

Ive an old AMD Athalon x3 435 pc from 2011, 4 gb ram, GA NA74GMT - S2 motherboard, Radeon 5570 HD Graphics Card, Windows 10.

I dont do much gaming, maybe upgrade so i can play games 2 or 3 years old would be ok.

If i add more ram maybe take it up to 8gb, will it make much difference in day to day use? Or maybe suggest some more upgrades?

Any help would be appreciated.

  alanrwood 09:05 15 Feb 2018

At that age it probably has a Windows 32 bit installation. If so then adding RAM would not help at all as a 32 bit install can only recognise the first 3.4GB anyway, the rest is wasted.

  Robert Francis 11:21 15 Feb 2018

64 bit Windows 10. Just checked.

Maybe a new motherboard and CPU might be worth looking at?

  wee eddie 11:26 15 Feb 2018

Robert, a really cheap modern PC would probably be faster than what you have now, and probably cheaper than trying to upgrade your old model

  alanrwood 11:46 15 Feb 2018

At the worst it would not be much more expensive. Your current computer is very old technology and frankly is not worth spending any more money on for the very small gains.

  Robert Francis 12:21 15 Feb 2018

Any recommendations for a cheap gaming PC under £500?

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