scuba steve 15:46 11 Mar 2006

Hello Peeps, Need to buy and install a new motherboard for my pc so i can use a AMD ATHLON 2200+ CPU (ill be getting a K7S5A Motherboard)and im quite confused on what i have to do.
people have been telling be about reformatting my hard drive but i had windows Pre-installed on it, there was no disk! so can anyone tell me how im gonna get past all this. cheers

  mehome 15:51 11 Mar 2006

what version of windows?

  scuba steve 15:53 11 Mar 2006

Windows millenium

  mehome 16:08 11 Mar 2006

reads this
click here

  scuba steve 16:12 11 Mar 2006

so i can copy ALL OF MY HDD but to what? its doesnt say? a CD maybe and what program do i use?

  scuba steve 16:14 11 Mar 2006

also i forgot to ask if the pre-installed windows would be able to be copied from my Hard drive?

  mehome 16:18 11 Mar 2006

just try the hard drive in the new set up it will work or it wont,if it wont youll probably have to repair windows using a windows disk.
Note that Windows XP users may have to re-activate Windows XP if the hardware on the new computer is very different.i would think you shouldn't have a problem

  Danoh 16:27 11 Mar 2006

Your earlier thread click here

It would be helpful if you can say what you will be using your PC for, which makes you target an AMD 2200+ CPU and thus, a new K7S5A MoBo.

The article is talks about cloning your existing HDD's ME installation to a new HDD (not in your budget).
The program and method of cloning is provided in a link within the article itself.
It also mentions all the risks of it simply not working; again something mentioned in earlier responses to your thread.

In short, there are real risks that even after buying a new MoBo and CPU to install in it, none of it would work. Or have so many issues even if it manages to fire up Windows ME, you'll be wondering why you went this road.

If you are prepared to take the risk and persevere through all the issues that WILL arise, loads of kind folks in these forums will be here to try and help you through. Just be aware, as you first posted, that it may still result in your not having a new setup that works well.

  scuba steve 20:46 11 Mar 2006

so what do you reccomend i do?? thats ifs its to risky! I really wont it to run Software like Flash MX programs and all office software aswell as playPC games at a reasonable speed but also to be fast enough to do many programs at once!
So im really taking the risk upgrading my computer! or is it just the risk of my hard drive?

  scuba steve 21:52 11 Mar 2006

so im really stuck now! should i not bother with an upgrade and just buy a new computer!

  Danoh 23:22 12 Mar 2006

scuba steve, you can do all that you wish with your existing PC, with the only likely exceptions being PC Games and how many programs you attempt to run at the same time.

Items which WILL definitely improve your PC performance are;

Buy a Windows Millennium installation CD. Download drivers for your motherboard, and reinstall everything from scratch as well as other peripherals such as printers, etc. A clean, fresh installation always runs much faster then one which has been running for years.

As mentioned in replies to your other post, you could also look for an faster processor (upto 1800Ghz).

You do not mention how much RAM memory you have currently. Certainly, adding a bit more memory will always give immediate benefit.

If you really MUST play PC games, then it is almost definitely a better choice for you to consider buying a new PC. But then, there will come a time when newer games will no longer run on your new PC.

Good luck with your decision making.

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