PC upgrade advice needed.

  yogibear 21:56 14 Jul 2003

I have an E-machines 320, 900mhz Celeron, 256mb RAM, 90GB HDD, with a CN810 MOBO.
My wife has offered me a new PC for my birthday but, as funds are tight, I want to upgrade what I have. I am looking at a new MOBO and the Zenith 9EJS1 seems to offer what I want. It has 5xUSB 2.0 (is this suitable for USB 1?), and 3x firewire ports, etc. It has 6 x PCI slots, so plenty of room for expansion,and the price is also right.
It wil accept up to 2GB of DDR 333 in 2 x DDR DIMMs, but I cannot find a current price for this type of RAM. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Also, has anyone got any gen on this board?

  Bodi 22:11 14 Jul 2003

go here:
click here

Then type in the manufacturer of your motherboard, and then the model of your motherboard. This will give you the correct memory to buy.

hope this helps,


  King Diamond 22:19 14 Jul 2003

I bought 2 Corsair 512 PC2700 333mhz dimms from click here for £104.

I always stick with ASUS/A-BIT/PLATINIX motherboards as I have had great service from them, so I could not comment on the one you are mentioning. I would however highly recommend the ASUS A7V8X and a (AMD 2400XP 2Ghz)...comes with built in 5.1 surround, 2 x USB 2 ports(these are backwards compatible). USB expansion cards are cheap anyway.

Will you use the Firewire Ports?
What graphics are you looking at?
The above board will eliminate the purchasing of a 5.1 sound card, saves a bit of money.

  nurn 22:46 14 Jul 2003
  yogibear 22:57 14 Jul 2003

The ASUS ounds like an all singing all dancing kind of card, very impressive.
The ned for Firewire ports is I have just bought a digital DV camcorder and want to edit on my PC.
As fro graphics, I don't play that many games. If a demo catches my eye I'll download it and have a look at it. I just downloaded Blitzkrieg and it wouldn't work, my onboard graphics aren't enough. I need something like 32mb graphics to run it, so something of, say, 64 mb would keep me in front a bit.

  yogibear 23:15 14 Jul 2003

Sorry, also looking for a cheap, all format, DVD writer.
Don't want much do I :-)

  Bodi 23:34 14 Jul 2003

any good?

click here

System Components - CDROM/DVD - DVD Rewwriter

might interest you.


  woodchip 23:36 14 Jul 2003
  yogibear 23:38 14 Jul 2003

Thanks for all that. Info overload at the mo. Gonna lie down and think about it.

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