PC upgrade

  unclegazza80 21:54 24 Apr 2003

I'm not really good at PC's but at the moment I've got a really old PC. Ive got:
486 SX33
640 x 480 SVGA (both adapter and screen)
40Mb HDD
1 available RS232 port
1 available printer port

I know I really should buy a new PC but I need to upgrade it to run a software with these specs:
486 or later processor
16Mb RAM
640 x 480 or preferably 800 x 600 SVGA
35Mb of available disk space
MS_DOS 5 or later
2 available RS232 port

I really hope someone can help.

  Paperback Writer 22:00 24 Apr 2003

What's the question then?

  Paperback Writer 22:05 24 Apr 2003

That looks a bit rude of me - not intended.

If you mean "How can I upgrade to this specification" then I think you're out of luck. You won't find such "old" hardware for sale nowadays (unless you look around second hand places)

Have you got a mate with an old pc he or she would be willing to donate? Or look for a second hand one in the local paper.

  F11F7 22:07 24 Apr 2003

best bet,buy a new one

  unclegazza80 00:17 25 Apr 2003

I know a place near where I live that has parts for old PC's, but they said that they need to know what parts I need. Sorry if my question seemed a little brief.

  Djohn 00:26 25 Apr 2003

I think a better way will be if you can tell us what you will be doing with your PC, and the type of programs you wish to run.

You do say that you need to up-grade to run a paticular Software. which software do you intend using? J.

  jeez 00:29 25 Apr 2003

you can probably pick up an old pentium class pc in your local paper for aroung 50 quid, this is your best bet. What's your budget?

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