*PC Upgrade*

  fattiger 14:44 06 Feb 2003

I have a time pc,550 mghertz AMDK6-2w/3DNow processor,128memory[256 on order], a MSI INC.ALADDIN5 ver:1.0,main circuit board, the BIOS is American Megatrends,Inc0626 07/15/95,ATIRage 128 VR AGP display adapter, ISDN, cd/rw and DVD, windows 98SE, bus clock 100 megahertz.What can do to improve upon this without incurring exhorbitant cost?

  MartinT-B 14:58 06 Feb 2003

New motherboard and CPU/heatsink/fan for £150-£250 depending on use of PC.

I assume your time case is an ATX, if not you may need another - £40-£250.00 extra

  woodchip 15:07 06 Feb 2003

You need to first ask your self what do you want to do with the computer, as it is adequate for all office work and the odd game. You would find it run faster if you did a clean install, and not load lots of programs you never use

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