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  Bennythejet 10:13 06 Feb 2003

Hi guys, hoping someone can give me some advice. I currently have a 4 year old PC that I have been adding to over the years. It's a Pentium 3 500Mhz with windows 98, but I am finding it awfully slow these days and thought it might be time for an overhaul. I am now looking to upgrade and don't want to have to buy an entirely new PC, just the base unit. I have 512MB memory, a 64MB graphics card, a new CD-RW, decent monitor etc. So I am only looking for the motherboard, processor and hard-drive. I have been offered a new ATX tower and PSU, plus motherboard, plus 13.Ghz AMD CPU for ?145. This means that I will have to add a hard-drive. Can anyone give me some advice as to wheter this is the best course of action to take?


  MartinT-B 10:23 06 Feb 2003

Depends on reason for PC use & budget.

What Mobo have you been offered? Seems a deal but depends on age and type of mobo and what you use your PC for.

The more info you can post, the better advice you will get.

There are a lot of 'barebones' options out there, which might be a better deal and will give you a warranty for the MoBo etc. too.

  MartinT-B 10:23 06 Feb 2003


Some of the people who post here are Gals!

  Bennythejet 11:15 06 Feb 2003

Sorry, used "guys" as a generic term, didn't mean anything by it. I use my PC for design work. My other half is working as a teacher and has to do loads of presentations and the like, while I am a freelance journalist and spend a great deal of time designing newsletters etc. I also use it for playing Championship Manager constantly! I have a budget of between £100-£300. I will get back to you with details on the Motherboard.

  goonerbill 11:29 06 Feb 2003

as you plan on using ya old memory in ya upgrade, i assume it either pc100 or pc133. personnally i think the price you have been quoted for mobo, cpu and case is a bit expensive. have a look at this site, it might be cheaper getting the parts and doing it ya self click here

  goonerbill 11:31 06 Feb 2003

apart from what mobo, what amd cpu have you been offered athlon or duron.

  Bennythejet 11:42 06 Feb 2003

The memory is pc133 I believe, I will check at lunchtime. I will also check out the site you reccommended. I have e-mailed the shop asking for amd cpu details and will post it here as soon as I get the info.

  goonerbill 11:57 06 Feb 2003

mother board click here £74.53 inc. p&p new pc2700 memory click here £57.00 add p&p cpu athlonxp2100 click here £66.79 add p&p heatsink/fan click here £13.09 case click here £39.23 (also in black or silver)add p&p (if you get all items apart mobo from komplett computers, all items will come under 1 delivery charge) total price £270 +/- and should see you ok for the next 3/5yrs

  Bennythejet 12:10 06 Feb 2003

That's brilliant goonerbill, thanks very much. I will certainly give it some serious consideration as that seems a pretty decent price and seems a better deal than the one is was thinking about. One more question though. I have a 12Gb hard-drive, if I do all this upgrading, should I look at getting a bigger one?

  goonerbill 12:12 06 Feb 2003

also look at this site click here sell old parts and recoupe some of ya out lay. will have to register but its free. depending of which type of p3 cpu you have will get between £15/£29. memory £25/£36 depending on stick size and other factors. here is there store locator click here may get more if you visit one of there shops. need i.d. passport, driving license, bank statment, utility bill. best to take 2 of these 1 must have address

  goonerbill 12:25 06 Feb 2003

hard drive from komplett saving on more p&p click here £55.75 40gb or click here £62.65 60gb or click here £72.36 80gb. have used this company and delivery is good, usually with you in 2 days. not bad as items come from norway

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