Pc Upgrade

  jon_jb 16:23 13 Sep 2010


I am planning on a fairly major pc upgrade, but need to limit the amount I am spending at this time.

Currently, running:
Win 7 32 Bit,
Intel Pentium Dual Core Inside,
Foxconn 45g motherboard,
with 2 DDR2 Ram modules, a 1gb and 2gb.
250gb Sata hard drive,
dvd rw,
5.1 card reader,
two front usbs
headphone,microphone sockets
Nvidia pci express graphics card and
pci network card.

Ideally I want to use the exisiting hardware in the computer, although upgrade
the processor and motherboard.

After research I think I have found compatability with new parts and am looking at
getting a new proccesor and motherboard. To save money on getting new DDR3 memory
modules and a new computer case, I am looking at an:
Asus M4A785D - M motherboard, and,
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T black edition processor,
with an Artic Cooling Freezer 7 CPU
A second hard drive (Western Digital WD10EALS, 1TB, SataII 32mb

Thus allowing me in the future, if I ever have money again, to further upgrade the
motherboard and Ram to DDR3, but providing me currently with a much faster and more
capable system for GIS work and pc games.

I think this would all happily be compatible with the hardware in there at the
moment, but not 100%. Further more, I am unsure whether the power supply in my
current pc (ISO-400PP) would handle this, if not what to get instead.

Help Please!

  Terry Brown 18:16 13 Sep 2010

The questions you should be asking is:-

Does the current machine do all I need it to?, if not why not.

What do I want to use my machine for, and will the new parts make any real difference to performance or display?.


  jon_jb 19:18 13 Sep 2010


Yea, I have thought adn held off for as long as I can, but unfortantly, it doesn't handle some of the work I need it to. The processor and hard drive being the two key parts that need upgrading to handle this extra work load, as files are very large and the speed that the programs need to run at are, the faster the better really.

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