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  Skinn 23:12 13 Nov 2004

I want to upgrade my PC in the following areas:

The processor to between 700-1000MHZ
The RAM to between 128 and 256MB
The Graphics card to between 64-128MB
and perhaps add a DVD.

This is the current spec:

Windows 98 SE
Pentium 3
450 MHz
64mb RAM
CD Rewriter
8.4Gb Hard Disk Drive
8MB AGP 3D Video Card

the motherboard is a FIC VB-601 with four DIMM slots with one in use. Would this motherboard take a larger processor,RAM and graphics card?

I know very little about computers and any advice would be appreciated.

  Carpigiani 23:31 13 Nov 2004

This motherboard only supports a processor of up to 500MHz so no upgrade available there. It will support up to 1GB of RAM but Windows 98SE will not, you could go up to 512MB.
Really it is a case of making do with what you have or maybe time to give this ageing system a well earned rest. Even the cheapest new system would be a vast improvement for you.

  Belatucadrus 23:36 13 Nov 2004

1) CPU between 700 & 1000MHz, No check range of CPUs supported click here max is 600MHz P3 ( I know it says 600GHz, but it's a typo ) You need to check out the manual thoroughly before doing this if you manage to source a better CPU.

2) RAM between 128 & 256, Yes board supports up to 1GB, definitely a good idea.

3) Graphics card 64-128MB, Yes it has an AGP slot, so an upgrade is a good idea, don't go overboard though as while a new 4x or 8x card will work, it isn't going to work at it's full potential.

Read the VB-601 FAQ click here and if you don't already have one, download the manual and read it.

  Strawballs 23:48 13 Nov 2004

Check out click here you can get a new mobo and 1.8 Duron for about £60

  Strawballs 23:49 13 Nov 2004

Check out click here you can get a new mobo and 1.8 Duron for about £60

  Strawballs 23:51 13 Nov 2004

sorry about double post I got an error message when I tried to post response so I did it again and when it appeared it was there twice

  Carpigiani 23:58 13 Nov 2004

If you do decide to upgrade remember to make sure that your PSU is up to powering those new components that you fit.
It might be worth investing in a new ATX case, recently bought 2 new ATX cases, complete with 400w PSU's very cheaply from click here

  Nyck 00:19 14 Nov 2004

This motherboard will only allow you to upgrade your processor very slightly see click here
although you could upgrade the RAM to the 256 mb you want.

I'm not sure you would see much benefit to be honest.


  Skinn 17:25 14 Nov 2004

Thanks for all of your replies.

The general consensus seems to be that I need a new motherboard to accomodate a new CPU,RAM and Graphics card. Then I may need to get a PSU(power supply unit on top! The system is only 5 years old and I know that is ancient in computer terms but I am loath to get rid of anything before it breaks!

A new system I am looking at is a Phillips iQon MMBP913 or MMBP912 and have the following questions about it:

Is a Pentium 4 3Ghz far superior to an AMD Semperon 3000+?
Why do you need a DVD ROM when it already has a DVD-RW Combi Drive?

Thanks again

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