PC as TV - hypothetical question..

  [email protected] 21:08 09 Dec 2005

My ISP gave me an ADSL box which is also a router. I can use it for wifi and also receive TV [via scart socket]. Under normal circumsances this router and its remote control would be next to the TV in the lounge, for obvious reasons. At the moment and for diagnostic reasons, if I want to check something relative to wifi or ADSL link, I have to hump a portable TV into my office and connect it so I am able to see results on screen. Rather than move a TV each time I was wondering if I could connect the TV scart from the router to my PC if I fitted it with a TV card? Question: What sort of input connections other than antenna! are there on a PC card and would anyone know of a connecting cable with a scart [peritel] one end and whatever goes into a PC card the other?

  Gongoozler 21:35 09 Dec 2005

Hi [email protected] Most TV capture cards have S-video inputs, so perhaps a SCART to S-video cable would do what you want.

  woodchip 21:38 09 Dec 2005

Always thought that it was just for output ! ?

  Gongoozler 10:17 10 Dec 2005

Pinnacle say that their PCTV 40i has S-video input
click here

  woodchip 10:26 10 Dec 2005

Yes your right, I am thinking about a Graphics card with S-Video out. I suppose that is so you can capture analog from Camcorder or TV from a Scart

  [email protected] 10:30 10 Dec 2005

Bonjour Gongoozler and woodchip. Thanks for the feedback and I will give it a go. One final question: When you have a TV card fitted do you just open the TV card software to view? Sorry if this sounds a bit dumb but it's early days in this area! ;-)

  [email protected] 11:15 10 Dec 2005

Just found a little gizmo on the net over here [Fr]. It's like a peritel plug which goes into the socket, but there is no cable - just audio/video/s-video sockets and a switch on the top "In/Out". That would appear to fit the bill. I have some RCA leads already lying around?

  [email protected] 11:19 10 Dec 2005

Correction: Not "s-video" but "s-vhs".

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