PC turns off unexpectedly

  Grantrh 14:13 03 May 2005


I have a PC that I built for myself nearly 2 years ago which just recently turns off unexpectedly for no reason after being on for a while (the time length varies from many hours to 1 hour (it does not go through the shut down process, the power just goes off suddenly)

Can anyone suggest what could be wrong with it?

My system is as follows:

Asus A7N8X deluxe motherboard
AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Processor with AMD heatsink and fan.
Antec tower with 330 watt truepower power supply
Maxtor 120 gig HDD
mitsumi DVD ROM drive
NEC DVD RW drive
Floppy drive
AGP 8X sapphire graphics card with 128Mb ram
I gig system ram
Windows XP pro

Could it be the temperature of the CPU turning it off? it is steady at about 57/58 degrees C

Could it be the Power supply? as I have read that if the CPU is not getting enough power it turns off to prevent system damage.

Any help would be gratefully received.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:17 03 May 2005

Could be the temperatuter as you suggest. Look in the BIOS for details of what the shutdown temp is.

It may also be the power supply unit (psu). If the PSU is not rated highly enough, it may be cutting out when overloaded.

  gudgulf 14:46 03 May 2005

Unless actually faulty an Antec truepower 330w psu will be perfectly capable of powering your pc as is, and even should you upgrade your graphics card and add an extra hard drive it wont struggle!.Antec rate their psu's on continuous output----few pc's will need more than a continuous 330w.Your psu will provide peak output power well in excess of the rated output for short periods.

Things I would do if this was my pc:

Check the mains lead is securely attached to the psu.Or try another mains lead in case there is a fault in the one you already have.Additionally if you connect through the mains without a surge protector I would consider adding one.

Open the case and check for a build up of dust in the case ventilation holes and heatsink on the cpu/graphics card.Check that all fans are running ok.Remove and reseat the ram memory and check that all pci cards/graphics card are securely seated too.Check all connectors are pushed fully home especially the IDE ribbons/SATA cables.

Do as Diodorus Siculus suggests and check that the BIOS is not set to shut down on a fault and that it does not have a thermal cut-out set too low.

See what happens after that little lot!

  Grantrh 21:14 03 May 2005

BIOS does not have a thermal cut out temperature listed.

I already have a surge protector.

I have hoovered out the internal components of my PC and everything looks connected etc.

I will try the mains lead tip u mentioned and tell u how I get on. Thanks so far.

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