PC turns on and off repeatedly by itself

  RenexCy 07:10 26 Mar 2018

Hello there. So the problem is the following. I was playing some games on my PC and it just shut down for no reason. Then it started turning on and off by itself for several times and then I shutted it down myself. Then this happens: Once my PC is plugged on the power and while the power supply is on, the PC tries to turn on by itself and then shuts down immediately. Not even for 1 second. I can barely see the led lights turning on, and the fans are starting and then after half a second they are off. I can hear the click that means the PC is turning on but nothing happens. All by itself. This loop happens every 7-8 seconds and it keeps happening unless I remove the cable or turn off the power supply. I have no idea what is this. I attempted running the PC, with only one stick of RAM. I attempted running the PC without the GPU. Problem was still there. Could this be a PSU or a mobo issue? Pls help Setup: i7 7700K 4.2 Asus rog strix Z270E gaming Titan XP star wars edition 32GB RAM corsair vengeance 3000mhz Coolermaster 1200W 80 plus platinum

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