PC turns on but nothing on monitor

  juedoc 08:47 26 Jul 2011

Hi my PC turns o but the monitor flashes up 'no signal' then goes onto standby. Any ideas please

  onthelimit1 09:10 26 Jul 2011

Sounds like the graphics card/chip. Is it on-board or a separate card? Worth making sure the lead is in securely at each end.

  birdface 09:18 26 Jul 2011

Try starting in safe mode and see if it works and try last good configuration or system restore.

  wee eddie 09:20 26 Jul 2011

Have you done anything with the PC in the immediate past, Moved it, cleaned it, whatever.

Juedoc has it right. Re-seat the Graphics Card, check all the connections and I'll add, check that you have not damaged one of the pins on the cable plug or socket.

  juedoc 09:58 26 Jul 2011

I have checked the leads and they are all ok, how do I check the graphics card? I havent done anything to the PC it was fine when I turned it off last night.

  carver 10:11 26 Jul 2011

Have you got an old graphic card you can put in it's place, or another PC you can try your card in.

What make and model of card is in your PC now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:17 26 Jul 2011

If separate graphics card (possibility of card worked slightly loose due to thermal expansion contraction)

Switch off

Disconnect monitor lead

Open case

remove graphics card and refit graphics card

reconnect lead


  juedoc 10:18 26 Jul 2011

I have only got a laptop no other pc. On the front of the pc out days graphics by Mckeown it's a packard bell pc

  carver 11:53 26 Jul 2011

juedoc I believe that refers some soft ware you have on the PC, not the actual graphic card.

You should or may find some information on the back of the PC, if not then you may have to open the PC up and have a look at the set up inside.

Just do not forget to unplug the the PC from the power supply first.

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