PC turns on but no signal

  Darren Claringbold 14:29 14 Nov 2016

Right. Excuse my lack of technical lingo. I'm good with computers but don't know the correct lingo.

So my PC turns on. Fan spins and the led lights all turn on but I get no signal.

I have checked the graphics card and the fans not spinning so I removed it and plugged the VGA into the onboard. FYI I tried 3 monitors first.

Still nothing. I discounted all 32gb of ram. 4 x8gb Put them all back 1 by 1 checking if any where the cause and still nothing.

I removed the battery and still nothing. I replaced the battery and still nothing.

I got some canned air and cleaned it all. Nothing.

At one point I had no battery inserted and 1 ram stick and turned it on. And it game me signal??

Yes... so I turned it off. Added the ram. The battery and I'm back to square one.

I then tried getting it back on by removing what was added after it turned on but nothing..

I have tried a conversation of battery in and out different amounts of ram. Graphics card back in and out. Discounting cable and re connecting. Holding button down when turning on and off.

I'm lost please help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:20 14 Nov 2016

could be a bad monitor cable if you have used the same cable for all monitors.

  Darren Claringbold 15:30 14 Nov 2016

Unfortunately not. Each monitor has its own lead. One of which HDMI

  Darren Claringbold 15:32 14 Nov 2016

Excuse my bad spelling. Not able to edit post on my tablet

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:45 14 Nov 2016

possibly bad cmos battery as the only time its worked is with battery out?

  Darren Claringbold 16:11 14 Nov 2016

If only that simple. Tried 3 batteries now :(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:40 14 Nov 2016

Back to basics

remove graphics card and use on board graphics vga

1 stick of RAM

disconnect all hard drives and optical drives

no USB devices plugged in

will it boot to BIOS?

  wee eddie 16:49 14 Nov 2016

Is it worth investigating the PSU. It may not be delivering sufficient voltage

  Darren Claringbold 11:55 15 Nov 2016

Thank for the reply.
So I have tired all these steps except testing the psu as I don't know how.

Last night I removed the cmos battery and left it out over night. This morning I popped it back in and the computer fired up giving me the option to run last known good configurations.

I hit yes and it loaded. Once it got the the login screen I powered it off. Reconnected everything and put it back on and I'm back to square one?

Now I'm really lost

  bumpkin 15:02 15 Nov 2016

As suggested it does sound like power supply.

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