Pc turns off by itself without any warnings

  Tomas123 16:22 06 Apr 2018

So, this problem has been ocuring alot, the computer turns off by itslef without any warnings or anything. The first thing that happens is my monitor turns off and sais no signal and after like 5 seconds the sound from my headphones becomes really strange. It usually happens all the time but mostly when I watch videos. Just saing that my C: drive is almost full and maybe it has to something with this problem. I've tried taking out my ram sticks, cleaning them, making sure everything is connected and it was working without a problem for 2 days but now it's back again. I would really appreicate any help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:15 06 Apr 2018

If the machine is clean inside dust free and fans are running then overheat is probably not a problem.

A full HDD with less than 25% free spave could cause the crash as there becomes less room for virtual memory delete some files use something like CCleaner to remove junk fles and uninstall old programs you don't use.

Bad RAm could always be an issue but have a look in Event viewer to see what shows in there.

  Tomas123 17:26 06 Apr 2018

Okey I'll try, but I also forgot to mention that when I watch videos my CPU runs at 100% or really high

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