PC turns itself on at about midnight help please

  bof:) 11:27 12 Jul 2004

Hi All,

There's some spooky goings on at bof :) towers over the past 2 nights. My PC is in the bedroom so you can imagine the surprise when it has started up at 00.09 ish over the last 2 nights.

AVG virus checker is upto date as is my trojan stopper..The Cleaner. Spybot, Adaware and Spyblaster are also uptodate. All have been run and show up as clear. I've also downloaded and run the upto date version of The Stinger...this was also clear.

The only new? program downloaded is the latest version of Spyblaster which installed ok. (Although the thread by Shas says there may be some problems with win98 based systems.

Both times this has happened the PC has been closed down correctly and was not in standby mode. Although it was not turned off at the back of the casing....I've never had to turn it off there before.

Is there anywhere in win98se that could have set a time to start up my PC? Could it be a virus/trojan I'm unable to detect.

Thanks for all of the help in advance.... I have to get this sorted or the missus wants to get an exorcist in...lol


  The Dark Sage 12:16 12 Jul 2004

or other network connection?

If you do it may be the modem that is turning the machine on - some will boot the machine if they detect a ringing signal on the phone line.

  bof:) 12:30 12 Jul 2004

Hi The Dark Sage, I do have a modem but its connected to a router then other pc's and none of these startup at about midnight.


  Stuartli 12:57 12 Jul 2004

Or a program set to update just at the time your system switches itself on....

Check in the Bios if the Power Management configuration is correct.

My mobo supports ACPI in three power saving modes - doze mode, standby mode and suspend mode.

If the system is suspended, or has been powered down by software, it can be resumed by a wake up call that is generated by incoming traffic to a modem or LAN card or a fixed alarm on the system realitime clock.

  €dstowe 13:01 12 Jul 2004

Switch it off at the wall or at the main switch on the PSU.

  TommyRed 15:28 12 Jul 2004

Have you got SpywareBlaster or Spyblaster. The reason I ask is that a recent post on this forum slated Spyblaster as being riddled with spyware in the program, how long have you had it, if indeed you do have it. If not put a circle of garlic around your PC at night, lol. HTH TR

  bof:) 18:18 12 Jul 2004

Hi All,
Stuartli, here are the settings I have on my pc:

BIOS - Award Modular Bios version 6.00PG

Power management setup:
ACPI Sleep type...S1 Pos
Suspend timeout (minute)... Disabled
Sort off by PBTN... Instant off
System after AC back...off
PME Event Wakeup...Enabled
Modem ringon/wakeon lan..enabled
Resume by RTC Alarm...Disabled


Control Panel/ Power Management set to ... Home/Office Desk

System Standby...never
Turn off Monitor...never
Turn off hard disks...never

(these were the settings that I was told were the best for cable connection to the internet).

€dstowe, I know this is an option but I want to discover why my PC has begun this odd starting up at midnight(ish) behaviour because its never done it before.

TommyRed, I have both installed on my PC, they have run fine so far and I mentioned that I'd downloaded version 3.2 of SpyBlaster the other day...before this begun.

I am just intrigued as to why my PC has begun this behaviour over the past two nights and how to stop it. The final option being the garlic :-)


  bof:) 18:21 12 Jul 2004

I've also checked that none of the programs I have on my PC are set to update at just after midnight.

If it starts up tonight, I think I'll begin by uninstalling the SpyBlaster program because this was the last program I installed before this started.


  €dstowe 18:26 12 Jul 2004

Quote " TommyRed, I have both installed on my PC, they have run fine so far and I mentioned that I'd downloaded version 3.2 of SpyBlaster the other day...before this begun."

Do you mean SpyBlaster or SpywareBlaster? They are different. One is dubious, the other reliable.

  Madrat 18:27 12 Jul 2004


If you need a good net spy program go to click here

Look for ad aware 6.0 its free and very good.


  fourjays 18:29 12 Jul 2004

I don't know about Win 98, but in XP, there is an option to have your computer 'run essential services' in the middle of the night. I belive this can turn your comp on and off on its own. If it isn't that, a simple way to solve it, would be to disconnect, or turn off any power sockets, supplying the computer.

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