Pc turns on and off,broken cpu fan

  wrestleman10 21:45 06 Jun 2017

Hey! I don't know much about pc's and general so I need ur help.Today I opened my pc and it turned on and off after a few seconds.I checked for loose cables and then I remembered that the last time it did this was when cpu was overheating so I take off the fan apply thermal paste and then trying to close it I accidentally broke the thing that carrys the push pins/clips.leaving me with 2 problems : 1. Pc stays on for 5 min then it shuts itself and restarts and then again happens the same process 2. A broken fan

My questions: Should I buy a cheap fan (10€)(Xilence XC030 for example)or it needs smth specific What do I do about my pc's problem

  wee eddie 22:32 06 Jun 2017

Any fan will do ~ ASAP. Don't run without one, you could fry your CPU

  alanrwood 09:24 07 Jun 2017

Make sure the new fan is compatible with your CPU (Intel or AMD) and can handle the heat produced by your CPU)

  wee eddie 09:45 07 Jun 2017

The only thing you have to check is the spread of the holes. This will be written on the old Fan.

Basic Fans are really cheap, fit one and if it doesn't do the job, buy a fancy one

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