pc turning off while playing left4dead2

  h_khabbazan316 16:04 17 May 2010

While playing left 4 dead 2 these last couple of times I have noticed that my pc turns itself off. I think it is an overheating problem because when I turn it on after it loads up to the windows loading screen and it's very faint but after a little while about 5 to 10 minutes it boots up fine.

  Ibanez2010 16:22 17 May 2010

It's overheating or your PSU could be failing.
What are your system specs?

  h_khabbazan316 16:33 17 May 2010

Urm it's a 3.6ghz intel cpu, with 1gb ram and a Nvidia Geforce 210 with a gb of video memory. Anything else you would like to know. And I thought it might be the pus that's failing but I don't know what one to buy or were from?

  Ibanez2010 18:25 17 May 2010

Same thing happened to me a while back when playing FEAR 2 until I upgraded the PSU. There's plenty of online retailers. You'll need at least a 600W branded one. Don't skimp on the PSU.

  h_khabbazan316 23:31 20 May 2010

After installing a new PSU I went for a 600w one to the extra oomph im still noticing the same problem. I don't want to have to spend a lot of money as the pc is fairly old now and as I only work part time I can't afford big expenditure's on it anyway.
Any advice would be much appreciated

  Ibanez2010 07:33 21 May 2010

Try updating your drivers for your video card if they're not already the latest. click here
Also download EVGA Precision from click here
and check your graphics card temperature while gaming. It shouldn't really go over 80 degrees C.
Also download Coretemp click here and check your cpu temps under load.

  h_khabbazan316 10:42 21 May 2010

I have a program called SpeedFan installed on my pc and it tells me what the tempreture's are and such and it says temp 1 is 127C, temp2 is 127C, temp3 is 74C. What are these temps for? If anyone knows it would eb a lot of help.

  Ibanez2010 10:58 21 May 2010

Speedfan isn't ideal for reading temperatures but those two programs I mentioned will give you a clearer reading.

  h_khabbazan316 11:32 21 May 2010

coretemp doesn't work as it doesn't have my cpu unfortunently. and EVGA precision won't download, it won't even start to download

  Ibanez2010 12:15 21 May 2010

What cpu do you have then? And what operating system?
Can't understand why evga precision won't download. Downloads fine here.
Those temperatures seem exceedingly high anyway. It sounds like a heat issue but until you can get clear readings of your cpu and gfx card you won't be able to pinpoint it.

  Ibanez2010 12:19 21 May 2010

Your gfx card is barely able to run left 4 dead 2 anyway. I'd put my money on it being that.

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