PC turning its self off !!!

  aeades 15:46 17 Jul 2003

Hello, I have a Pc which i have built myself and have a problem of increasing frequency where the PC turns its self off, it seems to do this when the processor is being worked a lot but sometime will turn off when i am justy in the bios setup.

My Pc is W2000 on AMD xp2600 in Gigabyte Board with 1g DDR Ram , 1x30gb & 1x80Gb(7200rpm) HDD, DVD , CDR , Radeon 9000 graphocs, soundblaster live 5.1, nice ventilated case with 3 fans in and 2 on the board (1CPU, 1AGP).

I believed it ws because my CPU was getting too hot and performing Thermal shutdown, which was set in both the bios and the 'EasyTune4' utility that comes with the board. I am monitoring my CPu temp it is from 50C to 65C but the system just shuts off still no crash just straight reboot.

It usually happens when the windows gui opens or when i open a couple of programs at once , cdwriting and just today when sorting a list of files ??.

This problem is annoying because i use broadband and want my pc to be on all the time (i use it for webserving and ftp-ing large files about. every time i come back to it, it is at the logon again.

Any help much appreciated, i have just purchased some some new thermo glue and removal solution to refet my heatsink as i have been told that may be the problem, but after turning the autoshutdown off and the problem still existing i am wondering it it is my CPU?

Any Ideas ?? Please Help ??

Any questions please email [email protected]

  AndySD 15:52 17 Jul 2003

Try running with just one stick of RAM. If it still happens try it with another..... or use click here to check your RAM for errors.

  hugh-265156 15:54 17 Jul 2003

is this overclocked with easytune? 65 is a bit hot but if this is under load then i wouldnt worry to much.

uncheck the automaticaly restart box in control panel/system/advanced/start up and recovery

make a note of the error next time it crashes.

also check control panel/system/administrative tools/event log for errors.

  hugh-265156 15:58 17 Jul 2003

try this click here or click here to test the cpu.

  aeades 16:03 17 Jul 2003

Thanx for the info Andy,i will check the ram when i get home.

I have not overclocked at all but 65 is when it is running a few programs at once. I have already turned off the auto restart in windows, there is no error message it just flicks to the bios/memtest screen in like a second i havn't checked the event log but doubt it would have had chance to write to it.

Many thanks for you help both off you but i think i'm still stuck any more ?

  hugh-265156 16:12 17 Jul 2003

are the radeon drivers up to date?

click here

  aeades 16:21 17 Jul 2003

Yes huggy All Firmware & Drivers are bang upto date or they were at least last month, the problem didn't used to exist. I forgot to include the fact that i moved it into a hot conservatory whichaslo made me think this is a heat problem as i know PCs work best at a lower temp.

  hugh-265156 16:25 17 Jul 2003

does it restart in safe mode?

if it is heat try taking the side of the case and use a desktop fan to blow on it.

if the above works then get some case fans.

  hugh-265156 16:27 17 Jul 2003

what wattage of PSU do you have?

  AndySD 16:29 17 Jul 2003

click here ........ ;-)))))

  aeades 16:36 17 Jul 2003

Thanks Again, I have tried exactly what you said i took the side off and aimed a large 19" deskfan on full power at it, alas no improvement infact it seemed to get worse ? i have 3 80mmm case fans already. PC turns off in safe mode 2 it is not software it is just an immediate shutdown thats why i thought it was heat but the temp guage says it hasn't gone evr 65C which isn't to bad.

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