PC trying to shut down for no reason

  Night Ryder 20:19 28 Aug 2004

This has just started to happen for no apparent reason. At random intervals my PC will shut down ... well almost. Let me explain. It happend this afternoon. I had been on the internet for about 45 minutes when without warning my screen went blank and I briefly saw the "Windows is now shutting down" message. A second later a blank screen with the message "no signal". About two seconds later the picture came back with the web page I was looking at. On checking the system there was no apparent change. All icons were in the right place and everything was working. Only thing I do notice when this happens is that my 56K modem had disconnected. At this point I simply reconnect and there is no problem going back to what I was doing. This may happen again later then again it may not, it seems to be completely random.

My Op system is Windows XP professional with SP1. (Decided not to install SP2 untill all the problems have been ironed out). I have numerous spyware programs installed along with virus software.

Has anyone encountered this problem or know what is causing it?

  stalion 20:22 28 Aug 2004

have you checked with your isp it could be caused by their server.just in case you have picked up a virus etc run a check with this
click here

  Dan the Confused 20:33 28 Aug 2004

Could be a hardware problem. Might be worth checking that everything's connected properly, especially the graphics card.

  Night Ryder 20:54 28 Aug 2004

Thanks guys for the responces.

I have experienced problems in the past with the server but generaly if it disconnects I dont notice untill I go to another web page which simply reporet "Page not available" and an option to work on or off line. Unless you are implying that something is being sent from the server which is upsetting my system. I'm with "Wanadoo" and have two numbers / servers I can dial into.

Dan the Confused,
I dismissed the possibility of a hardware problem because when I'm not on line this does'nt
happen. I play some of the most graphicly demanding games on the PC, games like Doom3, URU and Farcry and there is never a problem.

  Night Ryder 20:59 28 Aug 2004

WOW, a possible clue here. When I attempted to post the last responce I received a messag telling me that the server had encountered an internal error. I've now changed numbers / server, I'll see if this proves less troublesom.

  stalion 21:04 28 Aug 2004

the error you have just had is experienced by most of us sometimes it is not connected with your problem it is to do with the forum server

  Night Ryder 21:11 28 Aug 2004

Thanks for this bit of information. I have seen this before in the past and wandered what caused it.

  Dan the Confused 21:24 28 Aug 2004

If you have an internal modem, have you checked it is seated properly?

  Dan the Confused 21:29 28 Aug 2004

If you have an internal modem, have you checked it it seated properly?

  Night Ryder 21:30 28 Aug 2004

Nice try. No its an external modem.

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