Pc Tools software on this months cover disc

  JYPX 23:53 15 Sep 2008

Noticed this on sale earlier today. Would anyone that has the mag be kind enough to answer a question for me. The suite is "worth £50" so it must include licence/updates for the spyware doctor and antivirus elements, but how long? 2 years?

  RickyC :-) 09:23 16 Sep 2008


PC Tools Internet Security 2009 is a free full product that (after registration) comes with all the updates for a full year after installation. PC Advisor is the only magazine that will be offering this program for at least 12 months - so look out for this in the shops!

Follow the links from the cover disc interface to register the software (open the PDF file on the disc) and be sure to use the correct code when registering.

Any questions - please send me an email via the yellow envelope.

kind regards

Software Editor

  bjh 10:51 16 Sep 2008

Just installed it for fun, and tried it on a few dubious sites/downloads, and it seems fine. Not as fast as Kaspersky (my favourite), but about as good as McAfee on a couple of other machines. It seems pretty easy to install, configure, and use. I haven't tried any of the mail features yet.

I'm often wary of the "lesser known" security suites, but this does seem to be OK. PC Tools Spyware Doctor is part of the Google download pack, I think. Where it is reviewed, it seems fairly positive.

I've bunged it on one of my old machines in general use in our village hall.... see if the cyber-grannies can pick anything up on it over the next week or two!

Looks liek a reasonable product for those wondering whether to take the plunge...

..... Mind you, it IS on "Special Offer" for only £39.99 at many sites.... so I suspect a FLOOD of complaints heading your way ;o) .......

Thanks PCA and Richard.

  Condom 15:18 16 Sep 2008

I have been running all of PC Tools free software for some time and I have not picked up anything other than one or two adware cookies which are easily got rid of. I have always considered PC Tools to be underrated and their programs don't seem to slow my PC down the way Norton used to do. I use Threatfire, Firewall Plus, Spyware Doctor and Anti virus. None of them clash with each other and they are regularly updated. One bit of bad news on the horizon is that Symantec have just bought them so perhaps the days of free usage are numbered. I believe they hail from down under somewhere where they have a great reputation. I hope I can use this new program just as easily when my PC Adviser finally arrives. Why is it so late this month?

  JYPX 01:06 17 Sep 2008

Excellent - thank you.

  RickyC :-) 09:48 17 Sep 2008

No problem JYPX, pleased to be able to help.
Any readers struggling to find the registration link in the magazine or on the disc interface can click here to register. You need to use the five character code which is included on page 148 of the November issue of PC Advisor.


Software Editor

  DerekR 22:13 17 Sep 2008

Just installed this on 2 PC's and a lap top in our house - no problems with it at all! It was replacing AVG8 Antivirus, Windows defender, and it's own PC Tools firewall, so for nowt, I've got them all in one package rather than 3 separate programs.

Nice one PCA.

  elea1 17:22 02 Oct 2008

i installed pc tools onto my laptop but unfortunately i had to do a clean reinstall of my laptop due to the amount of infections found but when i try to register again i can't do it because i have already registered.
is there any way i can get the liscence sent to me again as the email it was sent in has been lost.

  VladimirB 11:55 23 Oct 2008

The link provided does not opens registration page :(

Sent private message to Software Ed

  Hughiec 19:48 09 Feb 2009

Have installed the free copy from the magazine this weekend and it seems to be working well. I am running Windows Vista and have replaced AVG free with the security suite. I have just started doing some on-line shopping so I hope that PC Tools is up to the job. I did some reseach on different products before installing and this seems as good as the rest. What does anyone else think?

  Cal001 11:10 14 Sep 2009

Just wait until you try to un-install PC Tools Software (Internet Security). It will modify your registry and disable your browser once you provide feedback and you will need to do a system restore to get back on line again. Unethical, immoral and a down right nasty piece of work .

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