pc timing goes to pieces!!

  bagpuss66 19:52 29 May 2003

My machine has problems with programs like Reason when internal timing is used.When viewing some movies using windows player e.t.c. the clips will take ages to start and then stutter.
This can also affect games.
I think that it's something to do with the cpu timing,any help?

  Despicable Desperado 23:22 29 May 2003

Appears not enough info in order for any help forth coming. Can you advise your system build - cpu, ram o/s etc

  WaTcHiNg 00:06 30 May 2003

Sounds like yuo're either out of resources or your disk controller is not set to busmaster/dma etc.
Add yuor system details including system board make/model, OS, RAM, disk, CPU and we'll see if we can't make some suggestions.

  bagpuss66 12:35 30 May 2003

My motherboard is gigabyte 7VTXH+
Cpu AMD 2ghz xp+
512 ddr ram
Windows XP proffesional
MAXTOR 6L040J2 40gb hard drive
Maxtor 91301U3 12 gb hard drive
Creative Nvidia 4400ti graphic card

  Confab 13:27 30 May 2003

You should not get any "stuttering" with your pc spec. Viewing movie files can take up a lot of processor power. Do you have any other applications running when viewing your media files? Try closing every running application down and see if that makes a difference. I can view movies on my old 450mhz pc with 312mb ram without any problems at all.


  Confab 13:29 30 May 2003

Just one other question - Are you viewing downloaded movie files or streaming files?


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