pc temp

  mimo 21:20 02 Dec 2003

hello all....when i first switch on my pc from cold the fan starts up as well.the fan continues to operate until i switch off.....is this normal.....does the temperture of the room make a difference on start up...?i have a packard bell,p4 .its over to you.thanks..mimo

  powerless 21:23 02 Dec 2003

If your fans switched off when the computer was running you would need to go and look for another computer.

So a fan has to run all the time for the temps to be kept down.

does the temperture of the room make a difference on start up...? nope.

You just need a fan working all the time.

  mimo 21:35 02 Dec 2003

hello powerless..thanks for your speedy reply.i suspected that the fan operates permanently,but until this evening i have not noticed the hum before.i have read other postings regarding the temp of pcs but i always assumed wrongly that the fan kick in at a certain temp...silly me.thanks for the reassurance.once again thankyou.best regards mimo

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