coolkishan 10:35 01 Aug 2005

Everytime i load up windows norton antivirus comes up but the firewal doesnt. I have checked and the firewall is running but it just doesnt come up. Any ideas on whats happening?

Also when the computer loads up norton antivirus always has a cross through it like its disabled butit changes back after everything has reloaded.

Can anyone help me with either problem?



Open norton firewall and click on options. Select norton personal firewall. When the options window opens select the general tab and ensure that the "At System Startup" button is highlighted under the Start Norton Firewall option.

Don't worry about the red cross if it is there. As long as it disappears it is ok. Its just that its been loaded but not immediately enabled during the startup procedure ie not simultaneously but one some moments after the other.

Oh, I forgot to say, also make sure that the show icon button is checked in the tray icon settings (for firewall) again, on the general tab.



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