pc takes 5 resets to start up

  dfghjkl 22:30 18 Oct 2003

when i start my pc up from cold it starts up,i get past the screen where it detects drives etc (second screen i think)then it stops on the black screen before the first xp screen,the one were the blue thing goes from side to side,i have to press reset and i have to repeat this four to five times before it will start,it sometimes locks up about a minute after it fully starts,especially if i launch a game etc straight after start up.once i am past the first minute all is fine,no problems at all. i am running xp pro, 288 ram amd 1400 (1.05GHz)mx440 graphics,it is not this as it does the same with on board graphics,i have latest nvidia drivers,and tried with disc drivers.i have tried with and without direct x 9.i have a 30 gig hd but have tried a spare 4.5 gig hd and still the same.could it be the bios (matsonic 8308e mobo)sis chipset.do i need to flash the bios?or could it be anything else?

  madPentium 22:50 18 Oct 2003

This could be many things because it sounds like there is a dodgy component in your system or connection.
It could be the power supply.
Try taking out the power lead, removing the case and reseating all your cards. Now try again.
It could even be the hard drive playing up.
Try turning it on when cold and booting up using a floppy disk, even an old 98 startup disk will do. This will tell you if the hardware is suspect. If the floppy gives problems too and after reseating the cards problems still exist, reseat the memory. All your data even from the hard drive passes through this.

  huddy1710 23:05 18 Oct 2003

if ur bios recognises ur basic haredware then the prob lies in ur connected hardware. disable and add as required. this way u should find the offendinging item or driver

  dfghjkl 02:10 19 Oct 2003

thanks for replys,it is not likley to be hard drive as i tried two different drives and the same things occur,i have reseated and checked everything,also i have started it up with just basics,still the same,i have reseated the memory ,even started it up with psu stripped down to see if there was any fluctuation in the psu fan but it was the same wether froze or not,that is what made me think of bios

  wawadave 05:31 19 Oct 2003

i would lean twords psu.

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