PC takes 20mins to load XP

  Nubututu 09:59 23 Nov 2006

Hello there,
I have just installed XP Pro on my pc and it takes 20 mins from when I press the on button to when the desktop appears.
I formatted my Hard disc before I installed XP.
The Msconfig has been changed to run minimal tasks on startup. I have changed my Auto exec.bat file to be read only. Now I am really stuck as it seems non of these things have made any difference.
All I can think of is that the RAM is faulty (although it has been fine and the problem only seemed to be happening in the last week )

so any help would be greatly appreaciated ?
I am going to try using some other RAM from another PC in a mo, see if that works ??
thanks in advance

  Jackcoms 10:04 23 Nov 2006

Specs of the PC?


HDD size?

CPU speed?

  Nubututu 10:20 23 Nov 2006

sorry forgot to put that in.
RAM - 512
HDD - 20G, with something like 16g free
CPU speed - not sure its a Pentium 4

the machine is old, but has been working fine well It has been for ages till last week.

I checked the RAM and its fine, so it may be the HDD being faulty ?

  Jackcoms 10:24 23 Nov 2006

"the machine is old, but has been working fine well It has been for ages till last week".

In the first instance, try System Restore to a time before it slowed down.

Also, un-install any programs you don't really need to free-up some HDD space.

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  Nubututu 13:43 23 Nov 2006

Hi there, thanks for the response.
There is nothing on the HDD except xp. I formatted the HDD yesterday then installed XP and thats it. so there is nothing on there that shouldnt be there.
I have tested teh RAM thats ok, I cant test the HDD, but I have run the CHKDSK and that seemed fine.. would it be the motherboard?

  €dstowe 13:58 23 Nov 2006

Where are you seeing autoexec.bat?

Autoexec.bat belongs to MSDOS and WXP does not have this. If you are finding it then is might be some residues of an old O/S interfering with your new setup.

  Nubututu 14:10 23 Nov 2006

I opened windows explorer and it was there in the root of the C:\

I have my old win 2000 disc should I try to load that instead of xp ?

  brundle 14:13 23 Nov 2006

Boot in safe mode (repeatedly hit F8 during boot, before the Windows XP boot logo), watch the text that will appear while the machine is booting - if it hangs or there is a significant delay after a certain filename, you have something to go on.

  Nubututu 15:01 23 Nov 2006

ok I have rebooted (in 16 mins)
it seemed to pause for 9 mins on the AGP440.sys file.

  VoG II 15:03 23 Nov 2006
  brundle 15:04 23 Nov 2006

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