PC switching itself on.

  jst0076 09:22 14 Aug 2007

Last wednesday (6 days ago) I reformatted my c: drive and did a clean install of XP pro (sp2 slipstreamed). Since then I haven't had a chance to sort out the software side of things and have been using my wife's laptop. There is nothing on the xp system at all, no network cables are connected and all external devices are unplugged. For some reason last night at about 12.40 I heard that irritating windows startup jingle. When I had a look at the pc it had switched itself on.

Any ideas how and why it might have done this?

  brundle 09:23 14 Aug 2007

Losse wire, chafed power switch connection, power surge, poltergoosts...

  Technotiger 09:24 14 Aug 2007

Hmmm - Ghosts!!

Or - check your Power settings in Control Panel.

  Technotiger 09:25 14 Aug 2007

Don't have Hampsters, do you?

  wee eddie 09:26 14 Aug 2007

If so you'll need to disable the "Wake-up on 'Whatever'" Function. It maybe switched on by default and the PC may have been activated by a Telephone Company "Line Test"

  jst0076 09:34 14 Aug 2007

Wee eddie, the modem was disconnected, there is a wake on lan feature on my ethernet card but i've never been able to get it to work. Ethernet cable was disconnected anyway.

Technotiger, no hamsters (or other pets).

Brundle, thought it could have been a power surge and was hoping this is all it was.#

Is there any chance of a faulty psu?

  Technotiger 09:46 14 Aug 2007

I think faulty PSU unlikely, but not impossible.

Did you check your Power settings in Control Panel?

  jst0076 09:48 14 Aug 2007

I've not looked at the power settings yet. There shouldn't be anything wrong as its basically a clean install at the moment with no changes made at all.

I'll have look when I get home though.

  umbongo(uk) 10:37 14 Aug 2007

burglars wanting a quick game of counterstrike

the power button could it have been stuck ive had this when it didnt depress itself?

taskmanager doing a scedualed task for a certain time ?

windows trying to update ?

turned on by infa red ?

hard bitten moths wanting more ebay action ?

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