pc switching off on its own

  h_khabbazan316 10:21 08 Aug 2008

recentle I noticed that my pc was switching off on its own. One time it switched off in the middle of a system restore and now that I tried using the backup cd's that I got with the computer it switched off half way through. This is really annoying me now as I use my pc for work and without it I will get no income. Anyway got any advice

  birdface 10:51 08 Aug 2008

Try checking the air vents for dust or fluff,if so inside will need cleaned out as well.Could just be overheating or maybe PSU on the way out.Make sure all the fans are working.

  h_khabbazan316 11:02 08 Aug 2008

all the fans are working and i think its the psu aswell but i wanted to make sure before i tried replacing it with another psu

  birdface 11:07 08 Aug 2008

I would wait until you get more advice.I am only trying to help until someone with more knowledge of your problem can give you the help that you need.

  Furkin 11:42 08 Aug 2008

Are you sure the On/Off button isn't sticking ? A bit basic I know,,,, but can be overlooked.

Mine used to do this,,,, until I checked the front panel (where my On/Off button is) & found that the free floating button in the panel was a bit too close to the micro-switch on the casing.
I filed a touch off the button & it's been o.k ever since.

S'worth a look-see.

  Ditch999 12:15 08 Aug 2008

Check your temperatures with HWMonitor click here
It could be graphics, cpu, system or hard disk overheating.

  h_khabbazan316 23:07 01 Oct 2008

it was the cpu overheatting i took it to a computer store and they put some of the putty inbetween the cpu and the heatsink/fan and it works fine now

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