PC switching it self off

  robstar 21:59 05 Nov 2003

Can anyone help please. Built a pc last week using a qdi kudoz 7x/400a-6a motherboard, amd athlon 2.4xp chip, 512 ddr 400 memeory, creative soundblaster live card, gforce4 mx440 gfx card. First few days it was ok now keeps shutting down after about an hour or so, when i boot up again it scandisks everytime. Dont know what whats wrong hence the email, only thing i have noticed is that instead of showing 2.4 chip it shows it as a 1.8 amd.

Thanks for anyones responses.

  JIM 23:41 05 Nov 2003

"i have no idea" and you may have been to the links,--------Sorry if wasted time.

but if this is your board there are checks available, if it has the Hardware Doctor etc.?

Which provides 5 LEDs onboard to indicate the CPU/chipset, memory, PCI peripherals, clockgen and graphics card status.

When the system is powered on, the most important parts of the system will be tested in sequence.

CPU chipset

System memory

PCI peripherals


Graphics display card

The first LEDs will blink when the system has totally failed, i.e CPU is burnt, or the system cannot run a single step.

Then the first LED will be turned on when the CPU and chipset are being tested.

The LEDs will light up one by one to indicate the associated item being tested.

The LEDs will remain on if the tested item has a problem.

All the five LEDs will be off when the testing is complete and no error existed.

click here

click here

click here

click here

Triple protection for CPU.

one item mentions the shutdown auto like under the ACPI OS when CPU temp reaches what was previous set in the bios.

also,KD7X_V17LCP.zip BIOS-version 1.7lcp for

the KuDoz 7X motherboard

BIOS modified:


On boot up, display shows incorrect CPU type/speed

Check the motherboard manual for the appropriate CPU jumper settings (where applicable)

Check BIOS settings for CPU type (see Motherboard Manual)

Perform a BIOS reset procedure
Perform a BIOS update (with an updated BIOS, the Motherboard may support your CPU)
This may indicate a faulty motherboard.

  JIM 00:01 06 Nov 2003

As a ps,it may be worth taking out a stick of memory at a time, switching it round to see if any change occurs.

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