PC Switching of after Choosing User Account's

  XCEL 20:54 01 May 2006

Mesh PC
Intel R Pentium R 4 3.00 Ghz
504 Ram
160 Hard Drive
XP Sp2 Home Edition
PC was working fine yestereday, daughter logged on around 5:00 about 6:00 it started switching itself off, she turn it on again, but it swithched off after a few mins, I thought I know whats wrong the fans full of dust again (previous problem solved from this forum) this time I decided to take the fan off, bit stiff but got off OK gave it a good dusting, As I was putting it back I noticed a silver stuff on the bottom (I now know to be Thermal paste) put everything back swithched PC on swithched off, searched this forum for answers, thermal paste missing seemed to be the problem, But strange things are also happening this morning, Switched on it gave a Error report Device Error but I haven't installed anything, I managed to stay on long enough to System Restore back to Sat,still switching off tried restoreing to Friday no luck another error report.
The fan is not hot, after it switches off, also if I leave it at the log on screen it stays on it switches off about 5 minutes after logging into a account, sometimes the amount of time it stays on for can vary between 5 mins and even 1 of 50 mins.
I'm baffled...
As I'm typing this on my Laptop, PC being on the log on screen for 55 mins
Any Idea's......

  VoG II 21:19 01 May 2006

Start in Safe Mode click here

Delete this entire folder


Note that the ~ are used to shorten file names so the correct path is probably


Then try restarting in Normal mode.

  XCEL 11:53 06 May 2006

Thanks VOG for your reply.
I did as you suggested, but not via your method PC would not stay on long enough once logged as in Safe mode, I deleted via my Laptop via mapped drive. Rebooted PC switched back to normal mode, it stayed on for 10 min’s I though problem solved so I started a Ad-Ware scan to see if there were any nasties on PC, after 10 min’s PC switched off.
Damm back to square one, back to searching forum, discovered a thread similar problem advice was to download Speed Fan 4.28, downloaded and installed on Laptop CPU Temp 34c, I then installed on PC
SYS FAN: 2296rpm Temp 1 36c OK sign
CPU FAN: 2150rpm Temp 2 61c burning flame sign
AUXO FAN 0rpm Temp 41c OK sign
CPU1 FAN 0rpm HDU 40c OK sign
Just after taking these reading it switched off, I knew straight away it a CPU Temp problem, as when I put the CPU fan back after cleaning I had not replaced the Thermal paste (I know – Idiot I am)
Contacted a IT friend explained my problem, he gave me some Thermal Paste??. Only it was white (it was like gloss paint), so I cleaned CPU ceramic and base of fan, fitted back together. PC now stays on but the Temp has only dropped to 57c 58c a mean of 57.5c. Ran Ad-Ware temp rised to 72c ish mean of 75c, but it finished successfully. Today temps seem to be a bit lower 55c 54c Arctic Silver web site states the paste has to bed it’s self in and Temp’s will drop over the cause of several days.
As soon as a start any application temps start rising. I tried coping a 4 gb file over my network from PC to Laptop temp rose to around 58c then after completion dropped back to 54c
Advice: is this white paste the correct thing, and I just have to wait for it too bed in?
Any advice greatly appreciated.
I’m nearly there…..

  remind 14:35 06 May 2006

yes its the correct thing, never noticed a bedding in period, other than running a machine for a few hours and checking on it after the paste has been applied and everything re-assembled.

if speedfan detects your cpu with sufficient detail look it up here for recommended temp range click here

if not use this; click here

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