PC switching off

  Tanzy_uk 08:36 21 Aug 2007

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my PC intermitently switching off, it will boot up fine, but after a few mins it will just switch off, the worrying thing is that when I re-boot up it does not recognise the fact that it didn't shut down correctly, it doesn't happen all the time though. When it switches off there is still power on the keyboard and mouse??? the PC is a self built AMD X2 3800 with 400w atx psu (which is what I am hoping is wrong) luckily i still have access to the internet on my laptop. Any ideas and I would be very greatful.

  mymate 09:24 21 Aug 2007
  Tanzy_uk 10:10 21 Aug 2007

On investigation i have a 350 W power supply, so i am going to up it to a 550 W one. I have given the machine a spring clean as it was dusty (especialy the PSU which was caked and all is well at the mo.

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