PC switching off.....?

  kevvyb 11:07 17 Jun 2005

Not quite sure where to post this and not sure that I even really want the answer.

This has happened twice now. Once a month or so ago and just now again.

I was working with a few windows open and a couple of apps, can't remember exactly but probably word, photoshop elements, IE, Outlook...

Without any warning, screen goes black and machine goes into reboot.

Now this has happened a second time I am concerned.

Does this description give anyone any ideas as to what the cause might be?

  kevvyb 11:12 17 Jun 2005

...I'm sort of making an assumption that this is hardware related....

  Joe R 11:26 17 Jun 2005


go to control panel-system-advanced-startup and recovery-settings,and untick the box that says automatically restart, click on ok, and then apply.

This should give you an error screen instead of restarting your P.C., and then you will know the cause, and someone will be able to assist you in a cure.

  Rigga 11:26 17 Jun 2005

I had a very similar problem, in that my PC would on odd occasions, and not very often (maybe four times a year), do exactly as you describe.

The screen would go black, and the computer would reboot itself.

Then around two weeks ago, I replaced a fan inside my computer, and I must have knocked something, as the black screen reboots started to occur very often, four times a day.

I then set about removing components to try to track the problem down, and as it turned out the first thing I tried seemed to work, I removed and refitted all the memory modules.

I haven't yet had a re-occurrence of the problem, so hopefully I've solved mine, and it may well be worth a go on your machine.


  daxian 11:28 17 Jun 2005

hi kevvyb...
this is a software thing and is part of the windows xp protection .
if a program does an illegal function ,which is likley to cause a system crash ,then windows protection kicks in and reboots the system .
its a lot better than sitting with a unresponsive
computer where your only recourse is to switch the machine off ,causing all sorts of problems because windows was unable to save the data in memory to the hard drive .Dave.

  GroupFC 11:42 17 Jun 2005

I have had a similar problem very recently - I had noticed that when this occurred the CPU, was running at a pretty high temperature.

The machine has now had a thorough overhaul and there was a lot dust etc around the fan. I have also added more RAM (from 256 to 512) and the machine is certainly running a lot sweeter and cooler, without any crashes so far (rapidly touching wood!).

Don't know what cured the problem but maybe this will give you some pointers!

  kevvyb 12:45 17 Jun 2005

Thanks for those suggestions. I think I will give the reseating of memory and cards plus the general checking of connections and removing excessive dust a go first. This definitley strikes me as a power related thing in some sense. Like the whole machine suddenly looses power.

Wouldn't the XP protection thing generate some sort of message? Had a look for the log file and unfortunately not only was mine set for the minidump it also appears not to have wroked as it seems to need a pagefile on boot drive. I do not use my boot drive (partition) for the pagefile preferring to put it on the first partition of my second hard drive - looks like maybe this is a downside tot hat strategy..?

Will post back on outcome(s).

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